Druid of the sewers




The old Druid of the the City sewers talks to more rats than people and manages to survive all on his own even though the sewers inhabitants can be aggressive.

Cudzu is determined to make the city safe for the “little creatures.” Cudzu entered the sewers long ago and has seldom ventured out into the city streets since. He knows the sewer system better than any person alive, and has assembled a menagery of “pets” beneath the city. He does not hate surface dwellers, as long as they leave him alone — and they have, up until now! He probably stands about 5’ 6", but is quite stooped over. He walks with a shuffling gate. He has brown hair, brown skin, and brown clothes, all of which look to be the results of life in the sewers and not necessarily their natural colors. A rather pungent odor permeates in a small radius around him.


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