Charles Oliver O'kane, Lord Mayor

The Lord Mayor of Raven's Bluff


The Lord Mayor is 48 years old, stands 5’11" tall, and weighs 240 pounds. His ruddy face is framed by curly brown hair and a full beard. The Lord Mayor is a burly man whose great strength is evident in his massive chest and arms, although middle age and a love of ale have taken their toll on his waistline. The MayorÂ’s clothes are of the finest quality, but are usually of somber colors. The only obvious signs of his wealth and influence are his chain of office, his sword, and his ring, all decorated with gold and sapphires. The Lord Mayor never wears armor within the city, but always wears a sword in public as befits his station.

First Encounter. Storm on the Horizon
Second Encounter Why is there Air? 2 Rounds The group was asked to investigate a mysterious new island that appears to be pummeling the city with high winds


Nothing definite is known of Charles Oliver O’Kane’s life before his arrival in Ravens Bluff, although various heroic legends circulate among the citizens. Clearly, he had been a successful adventurer for many years before he came to participate in the Champion’s Games. The games were intended to choose a champion who would become Lord Mayor and assume the task of protecting the city from the pirates and bandits who were ravaging it. Charles was one of the first to arrive, and rumors persist that he made deals with some of the city guilds, for the other contestants found it difficult to care for their horses and equipment after the long journey to the city. By the time of the contest, grindstones and horseshoes were unavailable at any price; the blacksmiths and armorers were absent or overwhelmed by prior obligations. Whatever the truth, Charles swept the field and was proclaimed Lord Mayor and Champion of Ravens Bluff in 1337.

His first task was to repel the threat posed by pirates and by raiders from the mountains near the city. He had to forge alliances with the local nobles and lead their forces into battle. He fought so many battles that he practically lived in armor in those days, but a string of victories won him a respite that enabled him to deal with the city’s other needs.

He first organized an effective local government to relieve himself of part of his responsibilities, then set about promoting trade and economic development. The economy was soon booming, but corruption arose both in government and in the private sector as a result of rapid growth. The Mayor still struggles with this problem. So far, the Mayor’s plan for the city’s development has been a success, and he believes that the city will remain secure after he retires, although that day is far in the future.

Charles Oliver O'kane, Lord Mayor

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