Field Marshal Charles Frederick LaVerne Blacktree IV

Field Marshal General of the armies, (Lord Speaker of the Advisory Council - retired)


Lord Charles is 21 years old. He weighs 160 pounds, and stands 5’11"- a tall, gangly, young man. When he is in court, he dresses in fine custom-tailored silks with supple leather boots, a velvet brocade cape, and a rakish velvet hat with a roc’s feather stuck in it. He also carries a jeweled dagger on his belt. When hunting or traveling in the countryside, he wears a custom-made suit of green studded leather armor. At these times, he arms himself with a long sword, two magical daggers, a longbow, and two javelins. He keeps his bow, a quiver of silver-headed arrows, and the javelins in special scabbards attached to his saddle.


Lord Charles is currently Lord Speaker of the Advisory Council, a body with plenty of prestige, but no real power. Most other members are elderly retired statesmen seeking comfortable sinecures. When Lord Charles deals with important matters, the Council ensures that a more experienced advisor is assigned as his assistant, the assistant handles the real work.

Lord Charles enjoys his position and wealth, and doesn’t mind flaunting them. He is vain, lazy, foolish, and irresponsible, and believes that the other nobles are too stuffy.

Charles was born into a long-established noble family, the second son of Lord David Meercant Oster Blacktree IV and his wife, Melanie. His older brother, David V, received the attention and grooming to position accorded the oldest son. Charles was spoiled, and generally ignored. He inherited the title when his father, mother, and brother drowned in a shipwreck. Charles is completely unprepared to deal with the vast responsibilities of a landed lord, and leaves the management of the estate to his major domo, Hans Silverspeak, who served his father for more than 20 years. Hans provides Charles with enough money to maintain a comfortable house in the city; with Charles out of the way, Hans can go about the business of properly managing the estate, which encompasses more than 2,000 acres and supports vegetable and grain farming as well as meat and dairy cattle. Part of the estate, roughly 800 acres, is prime forest land.

First encounter. Your tax money at work. Paying the party for actually figuring out the child was being impersonated.

Next encounter, hired the party to find a family heirloom in the first part of Eye of the Leviathan. Later ending with The Eye has It

Field Marshal Charles Frederick LaVerne Blacktree IV

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