Arvin Kothonos, Guildmaster

Head of the Merchant's Guild


Arvin stands 5’9" tall, weighs 205 lbs., and is 46 years old. He carries himself with dignity confidence. However, he has a wide girth and is about 40 pounds overweight. His expensive clothes are kept neat and clean, as befits his wealth and social class. He is always clean shaven.


Arvin is head of the Merchants’ Guild, which controls most of the commercial import and export business in Ravens Bluff, both in finished goods and in raw materials. Arvin’s duties are many: he chairs the monthly meeting of the Council of Ten, a circle of guild members which decides guild business such as minimum
prices, export/import quotas, assignment of guild-controlled stall spaces to venders in the bazaar, disciplinary procedures against guild rule violators, and other similar matters. Arvin represents the guild in court and before the Council of Lords, the city’s governing body. On such occasions, he promotes the guild’s policy regarding taxation, licensing, tariffs, police protection, etc. Arvin also oversees the public works projects, festivals, and charities the guild sponsors to promote public relations. When the guild decides to crush unwanted opposition, Arvin plans the strategy. Typically this includes withholding imported raw materials to
impede the competitor’s production or selling guild products at artificially low prices to force out the competitor. There are unproved rumors that Arvin has hired goons to intimidate competing workers or to vandalize rival shops. Arvin and the Merchant’s Guild can usually act with more confidence than other guilds, since Arvin’s medallion of ESP helps keep him one step ahead of the Council of Lords and the Regent of the Guilds, a council-appointed watchdog on guild activities. Arvin’s advantage has prevented the discovery of unethical practices that might have meant the loss of the guild’s business charter. However, Arvin is on bad terms with Lord Calvin Longbottle, Regent of the Harbor. Guild ships often violate harbor regulations in minor ways – undeclared cargo, delays while in port, unauthorized arrivals and departures, and several unexplainable accidents that have resulted in the sinking of nonguild ships. Lord Calvin suspects that Arvin is behind this, but has uncovered no solid proof. Arvin is also the owner of the Blue Star Trading Company, a private business.

Arvin Kothonos, Guildmaster

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