Sir Alcides Von Tighe

Knight of the Raven, Archmage of Ravens Bluff, Master of Wizardry


Sir_Alcides_Von_Tighe__Knight_of_the_Raven__Archmage_of_Raven_s_Bluff_2.PNGA tall man of stern features, athletic and even slim build,and a classic yet close – cropped white beard from a man of indeterminate but older age. He looks like he would be in his 50’s, but he seems to have been around far longer than that.


Sir Alcides Von Tighe is The first Evoker to occupy the Archmage’s chair. Free of much of the pride and disdain of “lower orders” that hinder many a mage, Von Tighe is a skillful actor and impressive orator when he deems it necessary. He’s risen meteorically through the ranks of the Guild chiefly by a willingness to work, to befriend other mages without thought of reward, to plunge right in to handle necessary but tiresome tasks that others can’t be bothered with, and by his diplomatic skills. Alcides is a masterful negotiator, deftly handling conflicts as they arise. He wants to build the Bluff into a city that so welcomes mages that wizardry dominates daily life and is neither hated nor feared – in short, he wants the Bluff to rule all the Fire River Valley and eventually the High Country. On a personal level, Von Tighe is quite sociable and on good terms with a number of lower – ranking mages. His name has been romantically linked with a number of noble ladies, priestesses, and wizards, but he has had no long – term liaisons. His personal ideal is to find a kindred spirit who shares his passion for magic and might grow from an apprentice into a full partner and companion. Until he finds her, he enjoys the company of attractive and intelligent women when his duties permit.

Adventure #4 Down Under the Living City – Took the Well of Many Worlds for safe keeping.

Sir Alcides Von Tighe

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