[Hiatus] Al'Eli-anë


A willowy sleight female Elf
Description :
Al’Eli-anë (Al ellie anee) , or Ellie to those who know her or have problems with enunciating her name, is lightly tanned Elf with middling length white hair who has a constant look of cautious duriousity on her face. Ellie has one braid in her hair that she has on the right hand side that is only about 1/2’ in width. Her emerald green eyes look a little oversized for her face making her look constantly curious.
She is usually wearing loose fitting clothing that is what some humans would call suggestively provcative, but to her is “normal”. They would include a cerulean silk blouse that is left open buttoned, a gold circlet around her head, a few silver bangles on her left wrist, an off red colored sash for her waist with cerulean blue pants of silk with a symbol of Corellon Larethian embrodered on each leg. She would be wearing what looks to be soft supple leather sandals. Every time she moves her hands you catch a glimpse of something there and if you ask she would be proud to show you her holy symbol for Corellon Larethian tattooed thereupon. This is what she calls her “normal” work clothes, however she has what she considers her “fun” clothes as well. Her “fun” clothes are her battle armor.
For battle Al’Eli-anë wears all light blue coloured armor from her mithril shirt, headband, cloak, belt and boots. She wears a longsword on her left hip. Her heavy shield she carries on her back is polished to a high sheen and bears Corellon Larethian symbol prominently.

Elf Cleric for Corellon Larethian, level : 9
Strength : 12
Dexterity : 12
Constitution : 16
Intelligence : 14
Wisdom : 20 +4
Charisma : 17
Hit points : 83
Fortitude : 11
Reflex : 8
Will power : 15
Armor Class : 21
Touch AC : 11
Flat footed AC : 20

Feats :
Craft Wondrous Item
Extra Channel
Improved Initiative
Selective Channeling
Lightning Reflexes


[Hiatus] Al'Eli-anë

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