Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Players Present:Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Warhawk Starson
NPC: Sergeant Hervor, William O’Grady, Grumwich, Adunaphel, Corporal Grungar, Amuka, Flandren,
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By:Clearice Eilif

I was in the library reading a fascinating book on the history and biology of Beholder’s when I was told by Pimfire (Such a very Likable little fellow though odd at times with his coin flipping) that we had a rendezvous at the Tilted Tavern.
I had never heard of such a place and assumed it might have been named due to the leanings of drunkards but when we arrived i was greeted by the sight of an engineering miracle. The Tilted Tavern was not named after an inebriated mans stance but is named, and rightfully so, after the precarious and shocking angle that the tavern has adopted over the edge of the Fire River.
Its a wonder how such a structure is still standing being only held up by stilts but this was our destination so we entered promptly and carefully.
Once inside we finally meet with the individual who summoned us. His name is Sergeant Hervor of the Sewer Patrol.
He greets us and informs us that there is an infestation of giant slugs in the sewer but to the groups dismay things wouldn’t be so simple for us. He than told us the reason we were summoned was to deal with the sighting of a 20ft alligator that came out of the sewers nearby.
He told us that it was sighted by William O’Grady the bartender. The sergeant also introduced us to a Dashing and well renowned Paladin by the name of Warhawk Starson who was in very high standing in the city and was looking to assist us in our mission.
As the fair Sergeant departed my allies approached the bar while Morrin and I sat at a table and watched when a big burly man by the name of Grumwich approached and challenged Morrin to a game of Soaked.
Morrin agreed of course wagering a few drinks
As he stepped out side i followed to see them both get onto a log floating in the river. Grumwich moved suddenly and Morrin immediately toppled into the water.
I couldn’t help but laugh at how easily Grumwich had one but has Morrin got up and we reentered thew tavern the group was ready to go so we head out towards the sewers entrance were the Crocodile had come from the day before. I was told the bartender claimed it was actually 40 ft long when he had seen it but i feel as though he was embellishing the story a bit.
We entered the sewers and almost immediately find more crocodiles that seemed just like the one we were told about so i flew forward and turned them all into an unidentifiable mist of blood and gore with my Blade Barrier. As I dismissed my barrier i saw a rather large snake swim off down a passage with a bit of the crocs in toe.
We decided to follow it given its unnatural size and not knowing were else to head.
After traveling some way down the passage we came across a truly bizarre sight. We turned a corner to see a rust monster being beaten in the face by a flying broom. After blocking them off with ice we decide to obliterate them both.
We drop the wall of ice and unleash on the rust monster and after killing it with impunity the broom than came flying at us blinding Pimfire and dusk and splitting into to brooms when cut in two.
We than dispatched the brooms bluntly with the help of Adunaphel, Warhawk’s intelligent sword,(Oh i wish i could have a conversation with her Im sure she has some stories to tell) and healed our friends ailments quickly and continued on our journey.
We than came across some more sewer Brigade men killing the aforementioned giant slugs. We than speak with Corporal Grungar of the sewer brigade asking his advice and informing him of the Rust Monster. We than depart and head towards the southern tunnel he had suggested as it led to the Mongrelmen Tribe of Grookachoo.
Everyone than hears a faint cry for help up ahead. We spring into action moving forward to find a young Mongrelman girl who we promptly rescue. Her name was Amuka and sadly her father died in the crevace we saved her from holding her above the water.
She than leads us to her very well hidden village named MukMuk were we meet Flandren, the leader of the village, and throw a feast in our honor and Pimfire actually adopts the young girl!(Such a happy moment for him!)
Flandren than tell us of a filthy follower of Malar enslaving and collecting snakes in these sewers.(I vowed to kill this corrupter of nature if it killed me)
He point us in the direction of her haunt and he gives us a scroll to aid in our fight.
It didn’t take long till we found Malar’s Bitch waiting with a whole hoard of snakes. She had collected constrictors vipers even an Amphisbaena and somehow she corrupted a Couatl to her cause for that her end would be painful.
We began fighting swarmed with snakes and as it progressed Omegasun was grabbed, much to its own folly, by the Amphisbaena. He proceded to punch and beat the two headed snake till its head exploded. By this time Warhawk got within range of Malar’s bitch and swung at her with Holy Fury killing her where she stood.
We than approached what we hadn’t know at the time was a Couatl. Warhawk and Adunaphel than told us all that it was a creature of good and that we must let it go free which we certainly did.
We than made our way out of the sewer and reported to the sewer Brigade our findings telling them the Crocs had been her doing. They awarded everyone in the party a vial of Oil of Timelessness for our hard work.

Footman’s flail + 2 & 300 Gold (Treasury)
Clerical Scroll with neutralize poison x2 and cure serious wounds written at 14th level Clearice
Oil of timelessness for everyone
Mok learned undercommon from Hafmar for 500 gold loaned by Clearice



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