Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Just Because: Shades of Grey

Adventure 2-22-3

shadow_copy.jpgPlayers Present: Dresden Drumheller, Faldor Lockeheart, Morrin Telemnar, Tilla, Nikor, Mok

Players Present but Dead: Gevus

I don’t remember what exactly happened after we were pulled through the portal, what I do remember is waking up in this Twilight hued area, with grayness permeating the area and only hazy outlines visible in the distance. All in all, it looked to be pretty dreary place. As the group adjusted itself to our surroundings finally Mok realized we were on the Plane of Shadows, which in the context of everything made sense. We gathered up our belongings, making sure we had Gevus’s belongings and some of his dust and headed out.

As we were looking around we saw some creature which was mildly grotesque looking and oddly familiar. We approached it and immediately got the impression that it was greatly displeased. As we talked with it we learned that it seemingly would get pulled from the Plane of Shadows someplace else answering the call of one named “Mother” and that it was forced to constantly frighten children, something it really didn’t want to do. Tilla talked with the thing for a while, eventually it asks us if we would come with it when it went next time, we had no idea what to say. Suddenly it said that it was going to be called soon but before that would happen, Tilla’s soothing words seemed to have an effect and it started to look less horrid, then seemingly happy it vanished, not before pointing us in a direction. After some investigation we learned that Tilla had apparently “cured” the Boogeyman, and that he would no longer be forced to scare small children. Right then, this place was indeed strange.

Not seeing much else to do we began walking, after a while we noticed some globes appear in the distance, traveling towards us quite quickly, too quickly, as they made no attempt to slow down. With little time to react the group sprayed about trying to avoid the spheres with only Nikor and Faldor taking hits. The next thing we know Nikor hits Tilla with his sword and Faldor is going on about being back in Raven’s Bluff! After a few moments the two finally returned to normal, but wow, things could have escalated quickly had Faldor also decided to take up his bow against one of us.

With the orbs gone, and both Faldor and Nikor back to normal we kept on. Eventually we saw a robed figure off in the distance, as we got closer we recognized the man as Frederick. We talk to him for a minute and Frederick tells us he was in the Shadow Plane to meet a friend and when asked if he could Plane Shift (or something similar) us back to the Prime Material Plane he said that he was unable to.

All of a sudden a figure with the body of a tiger separated from Frederick, who seemed as confused as we were at this sudden occurrence. The cat “thing” introduced itself as Steve, and said that he was there to make Lymen pay for something (seems the Wizard has pissed off his fair share of people). As we talked to the Tiger-Man it informed us that the Frederick we were currently talking to was not the real Frederick but was an illusion who had became real. With that the Tiger-Man turned invisible and left us. We started to question Frederick who seemed very confused about this whole ordeal, he mentioned not being able to remember anything before being stuck in Lymen’s basement. We ask him if he knows where Lymen is or has any helpful information but he tells us he doesn’t and then decides he wants to go explore. We tried to get him to stay but it was to no avail, Shadow Frederick then floated off and left us. With nothing else to do we continued on, again, perhaps more confused than ever.

As we continued on we saw a lot of odd things, a random group of Circus Performers doing Mystra knows what (presumably circus tricks), we also see many images which appear and then would immediately disappear. All of a sudden some of the images around us and the next thing I know we were under attack by a group of rather nasty Shadows. Several of us (myself included) were victim to their strength draining attacks (I think Nikor got the worst of it) but we eventually managed to fend them off.

Finally, after not seeing anything more we struck some real luck, for who of all people to appear was Pender, the Shadow Gnome himself. After some catching up and explaining our situation Pender offers to take us to his home, as last he had heard Lymen had been seen near there. Before heading out he made a dining table with very delicious food appear and we were well fed before heading on.

After some more traveling we arrive at a gate to a town called “Raven’s Bluff”! Now this was real strange, as we started to piece together it seems like things that exist in the real world exist in the Shadow Plane as well, just as more “shadow-like” versions of themselves. We are greeted by the mayor of the town who was none other than (Shadow) Lord Blacktree. He invites us into his town and offers up several choice places to visit. After that Pender seemed to be getting anxious, claiming that things felt wrong. He went to go look into matters and we were to meet him back at the gate in a few hours.

Not being ones to wait around we began to investigate this Shadow Bluff to see what we might find, with Lord Blacktree giving us a tour. Eventually we ended up at this planes version of the Stardust Inn, which is a Casino+Nightclub (I will have to remember to check it out if we ever make it back to the Plane of Shadow). Outside a Cryer was going on about various happenings, we learned that a new Temple had recently been set up in town and that it had been kicking the other temples out. So we decided to make that our next destination.

On our way there we ran into a rather odd situation, before us stood 3 men in greyish robes, all looked very similar, two were arguing, while one was standing back and watching. The arguing was about how each was the real Eleminster of Shadowdale, which seemed to not be making much progress. We catch the eye of third who winked at us, so we walked over to him, for he was not going on and on ceaselessly. Apparently this was the “real” Eleminster (wow, fancy meeting such a person in another Plane) and he had come to the Plane of Shadow to study if Illusions really did become real there. Which, given what we had seen with Shadow Frederick, and the two clones of Eleminster, it would appear they do indeed become real. We ask him if he knows much about the Scepter of Containment, to which he gives us a few bits of information and that the Cleric who had murdered the Priestess of Selune might be present in the town, and that he was likely a Cleric of either Bane or Cyric. We thanked the Wizard and went on our way.

As we were heading to the temple we run into Pender again. Apparently he had been going to the temple as well, he helped us find our way there and informs us that it was strange because the temple had been built on real ground, which shouldn’t be in the Shadow Plane. The front entrance is guarded so we each, individually, approach and say we are there to worship, which surprisingly works.

Once inside we start exploring around, during which we figure out it is a temple dedicated to Cyric, we find a room inside with a fountain giving off some sort of magical black liquid, which appeared to be dimming the room as well. Eventually we end up in a large chapel like room with several people inside, with some sort of ceremony towards Cyric going on. We quietly took up some places within the room and observed for a small while. Eventually we gathered up and Mok instructs us to take positions beside the door leading to the rest of the Chapel as he unleashes a fireball on the worshipers of Cyric. Now, I don’t blame Mok, but I was a little surprised when he just starting lobbing explosive fire everywhere.

Well,“the gig was up”, so we all drew are weapons and waited for the inevitable onslaught from the surviving worshipers in the chapel, along with any who might have heard the fiery ruin that just happened. Needless to say it was a long fight with worshipers from all over the temple coming to attack us, to no avail, for soon the floor was covered in the charred and bloodied corpses of our foes. Pender decided to go explore the rest of the temple by himself while we did our own searching.

After we began to explore more of the temple, eventually we found a Priest of Tyr who had been sent from Raven’s Bluff to look for us (we were missing), he was also an assistant to the Chief Prelate. We gave the fella back his armor, though his holy symbol was still amiss. We also found another worshiper of Tyr who was not in great shape and a dead Elf. The temple had been torturing them.

We explored the first floor of the temple a little further, finding a desk with some valuables in it, though not before Mok and Faldor set off some sort of nasty gas trap. Finding not much of interest we decided to head to the second floor.

Coming up the stairs to the second floor we found ourselves in a large room, occupied by what appeared to be several worshipers. Among them we see a large group of people gathered around some sort of circle in the far side of the room, three of which burst into flames as we were arriving, which started to cause some sort of shape to appear in the center of the room. Finally, among the group was the bald headed man who had taken the scepter from Lymen, Micarlin burst into flames, and the shape in the center solidified even more.

As I was the only one not invisible the men guarding the ritual all focused me, hitting me several times (most unpleasant, indeed). Things weren’t looking good, I was close to going unconscious, I had no idea what the rest of the party was doing, Micarlins plans seemed to be coming together, with what was obviously Kargon starting to take shape, and we didn’t have the scepter. All of a sudden something is messing with Micarlin and the next thing I know Pender is running towards me with the Scepter in hand! Unfortunately Micarlin got Pender with some sort of spell before he could clear the room with the Sceptor, and thus down went the brave Shadow Gnome, but his efforts were not in vain, for we now had the scepter.

As Kargon finally took solid shape, we had our first real glance at the Anti-Paladin, he was quite the site, with black armor that absorbed the ambient light around him, and an aura of dread that radiated out from him that gives me chills just thinking about it. Micarlin and his young priestess friend (the only Cleric that hadn’t burned alive) started throwing up defensive buffs in preparation of Kargon.

Kargon raised his hands up and the magic shield and sword that Nikor had been carrying since the crypt transported away from him and into the hands of Kargon. Around this time I tried to use the Scepter of Containment on Kargon but was unable to hold the concentration needed to make it work.

Kargon then moved on Micarlin and the Cleric, with Micarlin using Word of Recall to teleport them both to safety, leaving us with the dreaded Anti-Paladin. As he turned on us Faldor managed a well placed arrow into Kargon, surely drawing his ire on the Ranger. I quickly tried to hit Kargon with the Scepter again but failed at using it, again. Then as Kargon moved on our Ranger, I handed the Scepter to Mok and managed to get the blasted thing to work which then sent the villainous being back to whatever plane of damnation that he had been summoned from.

As we stood there in slight shock of everything the white wolf appeared to us again and then turned into, none other than, George Abbot. Abbot did something to Pender, I’m not sure what, but he said that Penders soul was returned to him and that Pender would be joining Abbot in the Outer Planes. Then, as a reward for stopping Kargon Abbot offers us multiple rewards. Which I’ve detailed below:
True Resurrection→ I took for Gevus
Restoration (not allowed to take any treasure) → Nikor
Healing→ Mok, Dresden
He also offered to cure Blindness/Deafness and Lycanthropy!
Betty, the armor, was also returned to their humanoid form.

After that we gave George the Scepter and he sent us back to the Prime Material Plane. Once arriving there we found ourselves at a Temple of Selune. We are met by a Priestess named Mary, apparently who was a young girl we had met before, she was no longer young, we had been gone over a year!

We then headed back to Raven’s Bluff.

3x +1 Shortswords → Sold
1x +2 Bastard Sword → Dresden
Divine Scroll of Heal → Gevus
+1 Cloak of Resistance → Faldor
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds → Dresden
Potion of Protection from Energy (Fire) → Gevus
Everyone→ 1000 Platinum (total)
+1 Pistol → Sold
Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire (3000 GP/Each)
Experience: 1600


Hey Morrin is that a sack of Gevus dust in your bag or are you happy to see me

Just Because: Shades of Grey

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