Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: Duane Fairview, Bluontis, XAXANTHRAXIS, Leovinus, The Professor, Kuno
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

Awakening to find a floating scroll from Duane Fairview, the assistant to our fair lady mayor, hovering in one’s bedchambers is to say the least a bit worrisome. I really got to see Mok about getting magical protection put on our Keep if people can teleport scrolls in who’s to say our enemies can’t also just teleport in while we are sleeping.

Following the directions in the scroll we approached the docks that morning on what the city of Raven’s Bluff is now calling the greatest navel disaster ever to see the mayor herself christening the new warship the Emerald Raven a massive ship unlike any to ever set sail. Clearice thinks it may have been devised by gnomes and involved cannons and that highly volatile substance know as gunpowder.

We were meet at the door to the warehouse we were told to report to by Bluontis who I must say seemed rather rude since he did ask for papers and I gave him literally every scrape I had. If he meant the invitation he should have just asked specifically for it. Anyways he proceeds to tell us that the storm heading towards the city is in fact a special magical spell which only the Gods themselves and a few extremely powerful beings can manage called “hurricane” and that it’s being controlled by the oldest and most powerful Beholder ever known one XAXANTHRAXIS who hasn’t been seen in roughly 400 years.

I think everyone remembers exactly where they were when they heard the Big Bang that morning. We were just finishing up our mission briefing when the wall facing the docks flew inwards. Rushing out we could clearly see the Emerald Raven was gone and debris, fire and smoke everywhere. Some citizens say they saw 3 floating wizards high above the harbor briefly amongst the smoke before disappearing. No one really knows for sure what happened.

I do know that we immediately rushed towards the harbor. Clearice ran around the docks trying to heal everyone, Omega jumped into the harbor carrying some from a nearby burning building and then trying to find other survivors who were flung into the waters, Morrin rushed to the aid of others who were closest to the blast but couldn’t find anyone left alive. Me I just got the mayor out of the harbor where she was laying face down unconscious and after seeing her start to cough up water helped a pair of people before summoning the nearby Triton’s to help put out the blaze. I know there are some who will be telling tales of Omega’s heroic effort in ignoring the flames and smoke by rushing into a burning building to drag out those who were trapped while Clearice after healing everyone she could see set to putting out the fires of a burning building all by herself. Morrin managed to even control and put out many ship fires. There are even reports by one witness who claims that a Rhinoceros dragged him away from a fire and then was running around with him in his mouth before disappearing. Many suspect the stand that was on fire nearby was a cover for some criminal group and there was something in the smoke that caused him to hallucinate.

Once the fire was put out and other help arrived we were on the way back to the warehouse where Bluontis was waiting who I would like to point out didn’t do anything to help those at the docks even though some say he’s a good guy mercenaries don’t work unless they are getting paid I guess. When we meet Leovinus who was a specialist on beholders and even had what seemed to be a pet beholder sitting on his shoulder. He was asked by the city to provide us with information on XAXANTHRAXIS and even gave us a large gold coin saying it would help identify us as friends to beholders and hopefully allow us to parlay with XAXANTHRAXIS. He also told us that no one as seen XAXANTHRAXIS since he had a battle with a powerful mage that lasted for 10 days straight and ended in some sort of deal whereby he wasn’t to ever harm anyone ever again 400 years ago.

We made it back to Bluontis at the warehouse who told us time was drawing short as we could see the storm was moving closer and would destroy Raven’s Bluff if it reached it. The transportation that was arranged was destroyed in the harbor along with many other ships and the Emerald Raven so he ushered us downstairs and locked us in a strange room with a very large puddle on the far side telling us someone named “the Professor” would be along to provide transportation to take us to the eye of the storm where we could plead with XAXANTHRAXIS to stop his warpath.

A strange noise and some bubbling was our only warning when a metal fish seemed to LEAP out of the puddle, turns out was a underground waterway to the harbor, and some gnomes pop out of a small hatch. One of them introduces himself as the Professor and says we are to take his Gray Fish some sort of ship that can travel under water of all things and that his Fish Mate Kuno will see we get to our destination.

Once aboard the gnome crew who turns out have a delightful sense of humor about gnomes themselves begins seeing to getting the Gray Fish under way. Suddenly we find ourselves being given a tour of how to use various devices and doorways aboard. It’s not long perhaps an hour before we are tangled up in some seaweed and offering to out and clear it we exit only to find the current is strong and violent from the approaching storm. Clearice and Omega see to clearing the seaweed while Morrin tries to catch me as I am tossed about. Just as they finish clearing the seaweed and Morrin grabs a hold of me a immense undead Dracolich – Sea Turtle comes hurtling out of the dark waters to slam into and damage the Gray Fish which promptly beings ascending to the surface leaving us to deal with this undead monstrosity. Omega, Morrin and Clearice manage to harm it only to see it regenerate and turn even more furious knocking Morrin out before Clearice and Omega manage to destroy it’s body. Being tossed about I managed to summon a group of sharks to aid me and pull me back towards the fight when just after the death blow another group of sharks seemed to appear out of no where!

Well my new found aquatic friends and I quickly made short work of those but upon arriving back to the Gray Fish I found Omega, Morrin and Clearice in battle with a wizard and one of the crew members. Omega wanted the wizard’s staff saying something about destroying it to free XAXANTHRAXIS and saving the city. In close quarters the wizard didn’t stand a chance and it wasn’t long before Omega was holding the staff.

I’ve seen Sune Firehair the goddess of beauty, I’ve witness the rebirth of the Goddess Waukeen, I’ve been to the lower layers of the Abyss and seen demons a plenty. There are no words to describe seeing XAXANTHRAXIS mightiest of Beholder kind. Who promptly took the staff and destroyed it. In gratitude for ending his slavery by the wizard he saw our ship was sinking and allowed us to ride several of his minions back to shore and agreed to return to his slumber and not harm any living creatures.

I learned afterwords that the coin Omega was carrying allowed him to communicate with XAXANTHRAXIS while we were fighting the Undead Sea Turtle/Dragon hence why he knew to find a wizard carrying the staff that was controlling XAXANTHRAXIS.

Thankful for both our assistance at the harbor and our efforts in turning back the storm we were granted personalized banner flags to be flown over our keep.


XP 6750

Gold 5000 each (we each gave 500 of this to Keep treasure for a total of 4500 gold each)

General Knightly Honor: Personal Banner – is a symbol of a true hero and common for it to fly over the homes of those who helped save the city from some ancient evil. (we all get one each)

From Leovinus
- Omega holds the Gold Coin which gives a 20% to be recognized as a beholder friend (4 charges left)
- A set of books on Beholder Lore = +5 history check on beholders which is stored in Keep Library
- Blinky a baby beholder whom we are to raise as a familiar/pet

From Cleric Circle
- Clearice received a Planar Fork: Baator – allows planar shift

Wands (each was given a wand of choice with Caster Level10 & a total of 10 charges)
- Omega = Wand of Greater, Invisibility
- Pimfire = Wand of Lightning Bolt
- Morrin = Wand of Restoration
- Clearice = Wand of Restoration



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