Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Players Present:Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Mok, Xavier
NPC: Lord Alvin Carstairs, Cliven, Lady Glora Varro, Clara the maid (of Gaius), Lord Marshall Gaius Varro
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Listen close to a tale of a creature most foul! A creature who can suck the life force right from you much like the powerful undead but instead can also take your face and make it it’s own! This creature did terrorize our very city streets walking amongst us without our knowledge killing for sport and assuming the guise of your neighbor and even yours truly!

We dined with Glora Varro at the Pheasant Roasted Inn where she asked us to protect her later that evening at her abode while she attempted to discover her missing cousin Gaius Varro during a powerful spell. Suddenly we heard a cry from Lord Alvin Carstairs who came rushing by the Inn claiming someone robbed him! We the midnight menagerie rushed to the scene of the crime and along with the city watch were unable to find a single clue to verify the miscreant, an obvious sign it was no doubt perpetrated by the Kind of Thieves himself Markus! For its known, he never leaves a sign or clue when he strikes. He made off with a valuable family heirloom.

On our way out of Lord Alvin’s estate we chanced upon a man named Cliven who doubled over in pain suddenly. We rushed to his aid and saw to it he received treatment at the temple of Lathander since we did not seem to be able to heal whatever ails him. That done we headed back to the Pheasant Roasted Inn a wonderful established with amazing dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and make you feel like a noble. I highly recommend it.

It was there that while sitting with the Lady Glora Varro once more to finish our conversation and dinner that we told her of our assumption as to whom was involved in the theft when she pointed out that Markus was sitting at the bar the entire time! Omega approached him to question him regarding the theft. Meanwhile I began to suspect that Cliven may have been the one to steal the heirloom as swallowing such a large piece of jewelry would certainly cause pain that couldn’t be magically healed by our Clearice. I approached Omega and Markus and listened in for a moment before stepping up and I attempted to hire Markus on behalf to retrieve the item from Cliven if possible since we were presently engaged to assist Glora that evening but was turned down. Markus did not seem to care if someone tread upon his reputation or not.

Once we left Glora with promises to meet at her home in an hours time I told Mok and the rest of the group regarding my suspicions but realizing we all couldn’t make it to the temple district and back in time he agreed to fly there and see if Cliven was indeed the thief. The rest of us headed to Lady Glora’s mansion. While at the temple of Lathander Mok informed the priest attending Cliven regarding our hunch and asked to speak with someone who could speak with the gods on our behalf to verify if we were correct. I am told the High Priest himself performed such a task but the Gods revealed that Cliven was indeed innocent regarding the theft of Lord Alvin Carstairs property.

At Lady Glora Varro’s mansion we were brought into a special chamber used for her magical experiments and protection. Our task was to guard her in case something came through her spell. Unfortunately Mok had not managed to make it back before she began casting and during the spell Morrin heard a loud noise and shut the door to the room sealing us in. The spell failed when moments later Mok crashed through the door with a maid in tow. Mok had seen someone leap out of a second story window and flee as he approached her mansion. Rushing to investigate sure enough a glass statue was broken and a powerful magical artifact was taken. Other than a quick glimpse by Mok of a figure dressed in black no more could be found and our suspicion that Markus may indeed be behind things was growing. The maid had come to tell the Lady she had seen Gaius Varro down on the docks of Raven’s Bluff earlier that day and having worked for him for several years she was sure he would have recognized her but he instead fled as she approached.

With nothing to go on to find Markus or whomever was behind the recent string of burglaries we headed towards the docks to see if we could find Gaius ourselves. Just minutes after leaving Morrin doubles over in pain similar to that of Cliven. Omega picks him up and we change direction towards the temple district unable to do much else for Morrin. Several minutes go by before like Cliven it seems the pain has passed and we change direction again back to the docks once Morrin is able to walk on his own.

It was there along the way we passed the Pleasure Palace where several woman were talking to the city watch regarding the assault and murder of a co-worker. Upon seeing me, they accused me of being the one to have done the foul deed! I assure you I did no so such thing and even told the women and city watch it was not me. I gave the city watch my where about for the past week and asked my friends to get those down at the Orphanage where I had been spending my days to come testify on my behalf. I then went with the city watch and was summarily put through our justice system which I must say is both swift and efficient.

The group figured to rush to the docks and check the Rusty Nail area for Gaius first before heading over to Crow’s End to get my alibi. While there they get confirmation from others who remember seeing Gaius around but no one could remember where he went. Realizing that Lady Glora must be informed of Gaius return they swiftly made their way back to her mansion but upon entering her area of town saw a flash of light from the 2nd story of the Thavian Embassy. They approached the guards and told them what they saw who ran inside to investigate. Left outside the watched as a man in black leapt from a 2nd floor window onto the grounds and walk over to them. It was Markus!

Markus told them of how he grew up in Crow’s End and that a Red Wizard of Thay was responsible for enslaving his parents and that he’s vowed vengeance on the one responsible named Yosaf or some such. He tells them that this wizard was put in charge of a magical Orb and should it go missing he’d be held responsible and most likely executed or put in prison. With that in mind Markus and his Sister hatched a plan where his sister got a job as a maid in the Embassy to spy but was caught and he believes is now dead. The Orb was recalled to Thay and would be leaving soon on it’s journey so he broke in but there were too many guards. He told them he wanted to eat with them at the Shark Fin Tavern. He then asks them to help him sneak back into the Embassy but the Midnight Menagerie refused. Mok believing Markus to have stolen from both Lord Carstair and Lady Varro asks for the items back but Markus claimed to have never stolen those things.

That being done the group headed back to Lady Varro’s to inform her of their findings at the dock. Once there she attempts the spell again and this time Gaius appears as she disappears in a strange dark void of magical energy. Gaius explains that he’s trapped in a realm of negative energy and the creatures there are capable of taking the appearance of their prey and victims! That the only way to free him is to find one such creature which was set loose when he went missing as they must have “changed places” and to do so recast this spell but somewhere down near the docks. As he says this the spell ends and Lady Varro reappears and Gaius disappears. Lady Varro claimed to have heard everything and further she knows where the spell needs to be cast. None other then the 2nd floor of the Thavian Embassy. She tells them she will inquire as to if they can gain access through political channels while the Menagerie needs to track down this evil entity and capture it.

At a dead road the gang come visit me in jail and during that visit Markus walks into jail claiming to have seen me down at the docks killing a person. The Guards not caring or believing Markus refuse to let me go since they are certain I killed that woman at the Pleasure Palace and Markus is hardly a creditable source. They are told no matter it would be until the morning before I could get released even with a proper alibi. The gang follows Markus directions and head down to the docks. Once there Clearice takes flight and with the help of a True Sight spell searches the area around the Rusty Nail. A few blocks away she spots the creature in an alley appearing to be sleeping. Not wanting to take the chance she casts a spell of bright light to alert the others who come rushing down the streets. Once there they manage to subdue the creature and tie it up but not before it sucks some energy from Clearice and Mok even going so far as to take on Mok’s appearance during the struggle.

The next morning they bring Ariel from the orphanage to the jail who verifies my whereabouts as an alibi and I am released from custody. We then visit Lady Varro to learn that political channels have failed and we instead must break into the Embassy if we want to free Lord Gaius. We decide that Markus is our best prospect and meet with him at Sharky’s Tavern where he agrees to help us if we help him while at the Embassy. After getting Lady Varro to agree to pay for the cost of this operation we manage to sneak in where Markus gets the Orb he sought and in return he hands Mok the items he did indeed steal from Carstair and Varro claiming they were needed for him to break into the Embassy. The Lady Varro casts her spell transporting the negative energy creature back to its realm and returning the real Gaius to our fair city.

With that, my friends I hope the next time you see someone whom you have not seen in years because you thought they have gone missing or had died that you notify the city watch immediately. It may just be another such creature has found its way into our city, our realm, and is preying upon its fair citizens.


10,000 Gold from Lady Varro = 1,000 gold each (6 players) –3400 odd gold to party treasury – 580 odd on divination at temple of Lathander
A bag of 30 = 100g Sapphires from Lord Varro (party treasury)
We return the ring of X-Ray vision to Lady Varro and the Brooch to Lord Carstairs that was stolen by Markus
2750 XP (half for Clearice and Xavier for missing portion of the evening)



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