Ravens Bluff, The Living City

A Wedding Summons in Raven's Bluff

Adventure 2-20 The Gathering Darkness #2

Players Present Dresden Drumheller, Dannel of tyr, Faldor Lockeheart, gevus, Morrin Telemnar, Tilla, Mok

Players Absent: None

As I sit here, I can’t help but to contemplate the life that my friends and I lead. We all go out for our own reasons, but whatever those reasons are, they call us one and all. But sometimes when we answer the call, we don’t come back.

Our group just got back from helping a fella named Davey Jones, all things considered it should have been a fairly easy affair, we were to get the Ivory Tusks of a Mammoth known as T’Ellyk Wa (“Thundering Death” to the locals, had apparently killed over 30 people). Mr. Jones wanted the tusks so that they could be carved into ornaments for a lady that he had fallen in love with, as he told us, she was unaware of his existence, so he was aiming to grace her with two ornamental tusks along with a painting. But things didn’t go so simply.

To start, after finishing our discussion with Jones we started to go to Talton’s Ivory and Scrimshaw in order to make arrangements for the tusks to be carved. Night had fallen and along the way we hear a woman screaming about her baby. After finding the lady we find that her child has fallen in the water, acting quickly Gevus made a bounding leap, Dannel pulled out the folding boat, Tilla took to the air, and Faldor, Mok, along with myself dived into the water (which, mind you, was utterly disgusting). After some small issues we get the child and King, who had jumped in after the child as well, ashore. Things seemed well and good, until these creatures (later determined to be Reavers) started crawling out of the water (seriously we are either the luckiest or unluckiest group of adventures some time) and attacking civilians of the city. We fight and battle them, they had very sharp skin and aren’t something you really want to hug, eventually we kill them all. A few people died, but we did what we could.

With that out of the way we finally made it to Trolton’s shop, only to be greeted by his assistant. After some “convincing” (in the form of gold) the fella wakes Trolton up for us. We meet with Trolton, we eventually get him to agree to finish the Tusks is 5 months for 1150 GP. Trolton gives us the tools, well he gave Faldor the tools, along with instructions to minimize damage to the tusks. As we depart we get a cryptic warning about there always being a bigger fish in the sea, we should have listened…

Travel was slow at first, passing through the mountains to the West of Raven’s Bluff, but as we got to the Plains travel become much smoother. All in all the travel to the land where the Mammoth was went by uneventfully.

And then we ran into a group of hunters, and everything went to the plane of Hell in a hand basket.

So we approach these fellas, it’s getting late, and they are clearly hunters who have gathered a large amount of ivory. We start up a conversation asking them about what they have been up to, where they got the ivory, and if they had any idea where T’Ellyk Wa was to be found, to which they claimed no knowledge of. They do point us in the direction of where the Mammoth hunting ground was to be found. Then Faldor started getting inquisitive about the methods used by the hunters, and if they were being respectful (as Mielikki teaches, which I’ve heard more times than I care to count for) of the animals they were hunting. This get’s them going, which to make things simple started with poking fun at Mielikki and downgraded into being outright Drow-kin..

Well, to put it simply, they pissed off the wrong Ranger, as Faldor proceeded to let one have 2 arrows into the chest. Then hell really broke loose, a web spell got slung (I think Tilla threw it), and I admit I got carried away and ended up eviscerating one of the hunters when they started returning fire. After the commotion died down we realize the one Faldor shot and the one I blasted are both dead, Mok is dumbstruck, Dannel was furious, and everyone else (except maybe Faldor) was pretty shocked at the state of current affairs. After some discussion Dannel used two Raise Dead scrolls on the two who were dead, I gave the fella I struck 1000 GP as penance for what happened, and we got the heck out of there.

It was a truly sour evening, Dannel refused to talk with anyone and the mood was quite glum. Some time after making camp Dannel comes back and makes an Ultimatum not kill anyone else without just cause (a fairly reasonable demand as far as demands go). Faldor and Dannel get into a heated debate about Faldor’s actions, Faldor maintains that he acted as a true Mielikkian would have, with some less than pleasant threats being made about the consequences had the two scrolls not been present. Finally everything (mostly) settles down and we go to bed. It was truly an odd day, the Hunters definitely deserved at least a verbal lashing after the ludicrous things they were saying, was killing them the right thing to do though? Most definitely not, though they could have used a good thrashing.

Though I believe the hunters had plenty of reason to see that Faldor was quite angered by that point, so folly on them for not realizing what they were getting themselves into. Sometimes when you pick on someones beliefs they restrain themselves, or don’t have the ability to do anything on the matter, sometimes you pick a fight with the wrong guy. It was the first time I’ve ever killed someone like that though, I don’t doubt I’ll forget it, even with several mugs of ale. Still… sometimes things happen, one has to move in and not dwell on their mistakes.

The next day we headed to the hunting grounds, South of where we currently were. We spend most of the day exploring the area, with Faldor looking for signs of the great beast, with little luck and evening approaching we were beginning to thing of setting up our tents and we stumble across a male human laying on the ground, he was not doing so well. Tilla tried healing him, but all we got out of him was him mumbling T’Ellyk Wa, he then passed from this world. Near the corpse of the man we found the tracks of a Mammoth which we started to follow.

We eventually find our way into some Tall Grass, and while we are tracking, a cacophony of thunder was the only warning we got as none other than T’Ellyk Wa charged us. It was a tough fight against the Mammoth, the thing was a flurry of activity, with a certain power behind it’s attacks that would make even the toughest man respect it. But, no matter, after many seconds of intense fighting we brought the beast down, a manslayer no more. Having stopped the great beast from hurting others, and completing our task, Faldor collected the tusks, skinned the Mammoth, and collected what meat he could.

We then promptly made our way back towards Raven’s Bluff, with the first leg of the journey going by uneventfully, that was until we hit the Mountains. I don’t remember how many days we had been pushing through, it was hard going no matter how you looked at it, but one day out of the blue we see, of all people, Flirin (which, is the lady that Davy Jones intended to try and “woo”). We watch her for a second, in the middle of a mountain path, what in the devil was she doing there?

She eventually disappears into a crevice in the ground. We approach the crest and find that no so far below is red swirling mist. Gevus, Mok, Faldor, and Dresden all head down, with Dannel, Tilla, and myself remaining behind to guard the tusks. After a moment Dannel and Tilla decided to head down too, just in case the rest of them needed help. I also might have had reasons for sending Dannel off so I could sneak a few drinks in, but in retrospect maybe things would be different if I hadn’t sent them down or if I had went down myself.

For me, the time the rest were down in the crevice passed uneventfully, I managed a few drinks, chased a few birds around, and kept an eye for any unlucky bandits who wished to try and take the Ivory.

The rest of this is second hand from Mok, Dresden, and Gevus, as I was not present. Apparently as the rest traveled down into the crevice they traveled through some mist until hitting the floor. From there I suppose they started looking for Flirin and eventually the ground started shaking and all of a sudden wedding bells were to be heard. I’m really not sure how this all happened, it sounds right ridicules, but given the.. results… of this little journey I don’t doubt it.

So the group apparently came upon a wedding ceremony in which (after talking with Mok, the Wizards guild, and the War College) was likely a Balor who was marrying Flirin (who, according to everyone didn’t look fully with it). Eventually they raised objections to the unholy union. The Balor then offered to make a deal, that they could take the bride back if able to defeat a group of Heucuva and some Cleric. This, is unfortunately where things got truly ugly, as I understand it. I’m not sure what happened, from what I gather the fight against the Heucuva was a simple enough ordeal and should have been handled in short order. But Mok said that he caught the Balor in a fireball on accident which lead to the Balor doing something to him which left him whimpering in the corner. Unfortunately, Dannel then took it upon himself to try and fight the Balor, followed by Tilla, and Faldor. I don’t know the exact details, but when the party returned, Tilla and Dannel were both dead and Faldor was a head shorter than I remember. Thankfully at least the rest came back, the Balor brought back what was left of the group, along with Flirin to our realm and then took the Heucuva with him for something called the Great Conjunction (curious).

We made haste to get back to Raven’s Bluff, we find the streets fairly empty, I guess the Reavers had been harassing people still. returned the tusks to Talton so he could get started, and then headed to the Temple of Tyr. After a priest used Speak with Dead we found out that Faldor and Tilla wanted to come back but Dannel had no interest in joining us. We gathered the proper amount of gold and material components and got Tilla and Faldor back. And finally went and reported to Davy Jones.

Lessons Learned:
1) Don’t Screw with Balors.
2) We need to be more careful about opening fire on people.

I’ll miss Dannel, we might not have ever seen eye-to-eye, but he was a man who stuck true to his beliefs, and I can respect that.

Morrin Telemnar
Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flames, Raven’s Bluff Knighthood
Leftant in the Raven’s Bluff War College
Corporeal of the City Watch, Scout Rangers Division
Friend of Dannel of Tyr

1500 Each
1200 for Morrin for getting drunk instead of attending the Wedding.

Periapt of Wound Closure- Gevus
Potion of Fire Resistance- Morrin
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds- Mok
300 GP Each



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