Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Players Present: Clearice, Morrin, Mok, Omegasun, Pimfire
NPC: Lady Lauren Devillars, Micah Starfire, Charles Oliver O’kane – Lord Mayor, Sir Percy
Players Missing: none
Players Absent: none
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Pimfire’s Diary Entry

The time: sometime after midnight.
The place: an antechamber just outside the Lord Mayor’s office.
The reason: Now that’s a good question… Why in Tempus name did we receive an urgent summons at this hour? The mayor is supposed to be a reasonable man, so I can only speculate that something very important must have occurred… My thoughts are interrupted as a cheerful elven man lets himself into the room. His appearance is an odd combination of fascination and concern. “You must be the ones selected to perform this mission for the city,” he begins. “I am Micah Starfire, Dean of Divination and member of the Wizards’ Guild council. I may be able to help you by divining your immediate future. However, my technique is experimental – I learned it from someone named… well she was a Vistani, I think – and it requires that you trust in providence in order to work. Will you trust in providence?”

Still tired I barely understood what was said as Mok stepped forth to give it a try something about a strange silver light, Clearice goes next only to be told “light as a feather you will find control rests in your mind”, Omega even gave it a go and was told “you must oil your weapons to sharpen your blade” then finally starting to wake up I approached and was told " What is lost may yet be found beneath rock, stone and ground."

A stranger series of prophecies I have never heard and with the telling of mine Micah left. Sir Percy arrived then to invite us to see the Lord Mayor and as we entered the mayor’s office we could see the council leaving via another entrance many of whom appeared concerned over whatever was discussed.

It’s at this point the major informs us that the Lady Lauren Devillars was taken near her estate and some of her guards were killed. It’s only until we agree to help at this point that we are told more like whoever captured her used a magical Transportal on her estate to escape and Micah from the Wizards guild could find no witnesses and her dead bodyguards were tampered with to prevented their souls being spoken with via clerics. Finally with no ransom being asked it’s surmised this kidnapping was for more nefarious purposes otherwise why go to all this trouble as Lady Lauren Devillars had no known enemies. All divination’s say is she is alive and far away according to Micah but that was all that could be determined. With that we leave the mayor’s office and are greeted again by Sir Percy who appears on a carriage outside and takes us to the Lady’s manor.

Upon reaching the manor there are guards everywhere with the place on lock-down the portal they used to escape is a marble floor in the dining hall. I filled up 3 pouches one with a bit of dirt, one with a rock, one with some pebbles outside the manor as per Mok’s instructions because of Micah’s foretelling in the waiting room. With a single toss of the coin my choice is made as I and the rest of the Menagerie jump through the portal into untold dangers.

We arrived in a strange place floating it seems in a room. Fearing I’m about to fall I realized I wasn’t falling nor was I flying. Before I could take time to sort this all out two large strange bug like creatures with 3 legs and 5 arms and insectoid heads come speeding in the air towards us! We managed to vanquish these creatures with some ease and in the fighting I find out that this is the Astral Plane as both Mok and Morrin have been here before. Strangely my natural quickness and strength are different now being affected I’m told by my intelligence and common sense and in order to move around I simply have to “think” myself moving and I do. Due to my training in the bardic arts and my travels I recognize these two creatures as Dergoloth’s which have a tendency to consume creatures and artifacts whole. Knowing this I cut one open to find in the back of it’s maw a shiny pearl. Attempts to discover it’s value and if it’s magical only resulted in a new discovery that certain spells act differently here since Detecting Magic resulted in a flash of blinding white light for a moment. Only with practice do these spells work correctly.

We left the room to discover a corridor that seemed to go on forever. Since there was no sign of passage we decided to go in one random direction and after what felt like a good while we come upon a doorway and inside this spherical room is a simpleminded Githzerai who is only able to tell us there are guards who passed by some time ago. Looking up we see a group of Githyanki flying outside over the room disappearing from sight quickly.

We decided it would be best to try and avoid these guards and head back down the corridor in the other direction. Whereupon we came to another room that appeared to be a prison of sorts with 8 magically sealed cages. 2 of which appeared occupied by Lady Lauren Devillars, despite Morrin’s attempt at trying to discern which is the real Lady via asking a question only she could know the answer too it wasn’t until he cast True Seeing that he realized the one on the left was the correct Lady and the one in the right cell to be some strange dangerous creature. Mok opened the cell safely and upon her rescue she informed us that a very important necklace/amulet was taken from her that must be recovered for the safety of the city. We escorted her back to the portal and saw her to safety then continued in our searches.

The third chamber we explored turned out to be a strange armory with a collection of different types of swords and such. We collected them all some magical and some not then headed out.

Suddenly the walls appeared to be closing in on us and just as it seemed we would be crushed I realized it was an illusion as did most of the group, poor Dusk, with the breaking of the illusion we found ourselves surrounded by a Githyanki patrol. Damn they can move fast and swarmed poor Omega. With a bit of luck we overcame them and finally came to a strange dead end room.

There was a banquet table and a odd well groomed man on one end drinking wine. He invited us to join him and kept trying to get us to “eat the lamb”. While thirsty I had no desire to eat due to my ring of sustenance, so while the rest partook in the delights of the table as they tried to pump this strange person for information I must have offended him or should I say IT!

Next thing I know I am waking up back in Raven’s Bluff with the Archmage before me and I’m told that the “man” was really an illusion and it was a Amnizu, a type of Baatezu, who cast imprisonment of a sort upon me and the rest of the group was able to defeat it and recover the necklace/amulet along with a book that told of Lady Lauren Devillars capture along with the true tale of Sirrus Melandor and Gevus. Morrin was turned to stone so I’m told in this fight but was returned to flesh by clerics once they brought his statue through the portal.



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