Ravens Bluff, The Living City

A Shot In the Dark Part II - 3


Players Present:Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Mok
NPC: Lord Blacktree
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

My sweet Amuka,

After our latest escapade against those fire giants and their stronghold, we sought out the remainder of the area around Lower Sarbreen and in a large cavern around the same size as that of Lower Sarbreen itself we found an underground lake home to a mini Eco-system of various monsters such as goblins, trolls and even a hydra. While for the most part it seems the area is considered sacred for it’s source of fresh water a rarity in the Underdark some creatures use it as a hunting ground. We watched in the distance as a Cave Fisher grabbed one of the goblins and pull him up to become his dinner giving the impression that only the animalistic creatures will hunt in the area of fresh water while the sentient beings fear and respect each other enough to avoid conflict over life giving water.

We were wrong to think that. As we scouted the chamber around the lake we encounter a sentient species one which is often spoken of with fear, loathing and intense hatred. A drow party ambushed us on the shores of the lake with a cunning blast of magic they separated our party by turning the rock we walked upon to mud and placing a blade barrier between Omega and the rest of the group. Then from the cavern ceiling descended a group of fighters on Omega, the rest of us had to deal with archers from behind. Mok took off running towards the lake as he noticed 3 drow heads above the waterline thinking those to be the persons responsible for the barrier. Morrin managed to put up a series of stinking clouds and fog walls slowly blocking off the archers view of us as we watched helpless nearly while 4 drow fighters and a female fighter who could also use magic knocked Omega unconscious. Desperate to help I managed to kill a fighter and the female with my bow and arrows while Clearice braved the stinking clouds to rescue Omega and bring him to our side of the blade barrier. Mok’s battle with those in the water was brilliant as he froze the water they swam in and trapping them with heads sticking out above the ice. Once they were frozen in place Mok then unleashed a flurry of magical power forcing them to break out of the ice and flee. Once Clearice got Omega back to our side of the barrier Morrin dropped another stinking cloud down on those fighters blocking all sight of the drow.

Suddenly the area went quiet as we looked around there was no drow to be seen as the clouds and barriers faded even the 2 bodies I had killed were gone. Finishing our inspection we returned to Raven’s Deep and reported back to Lord Blacktree regarding our findings with particular interest focused on the fire giants stronghold and it’s gateway to the elemental plane of fire and the possibility of drow in the vicinity being of particular note.

With the scouting mission complete we are now on our way back home, I have sent this and the other letters I’ve written on ahead since we need a brief rest before returning to the surface and then once back we have business with the temples and seeing to the destruction of a few items before we return to our Keep. I hope these letters find you well and you are enjoying your new home.

XP total 23225
Refer to previous parts of this adventure for the rest of items gained throughout the trip

Sold the Giants leaders sword and split the gold and gained diamond dust for party treasury
We decided Curtain of Silence kept and used during adventures to provide resting with privacy
Book of Necromancy/Dragon we were to see destroyed at temple
Dust of the dragon bones we were to see destroyed at temple to prevent further attempts to raise it



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