Ravens Bluff, The Living City

A Shot In the Dark Part II


Players Present:Clearice Eilif, Omegasun, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Mok
NPC: Lord Blacktree
Player’s Missing: None
Player’s absent: None
Posted By: Pimfire Tyndal

Dear Amuka,

I don’t know if this will ever find it’s way to you but I felt the need to record what happened while in the Underdark in the event I do not make it out of the darkness and back into the light. While I have only been your father for the past week or so I know that if I don’t return you are still in good hands with the remaining Midnight Menagerie and it’s caretakers at our Keep. Know that I name you my rightful heir and bestow upon you all my possessions and effects in the event of my demise. Here is my tale at least what I have managed to record so far as obviously should I fall I will not be able to record exactly what happened to myself.

The trip was long but not as long as it took us previously to reach Lower Sarbreen cavern. In fact where it took us previously 20+ days now only took around 8 with the pathway cleared and it’s obstacles overcome with a series of pulleys and cables for raising and lowering travelers down the side of deep drops or reliable bridges in place to span what seems endless drops across chasms.

Upon reaching the outpost called Raven’s Deep we meet with Lord Blacktree who informed us as to why were summoned back into the endless night. Our services were required to further secure the outpost by scouting out the region for hostile groups and if possible to secure any allies or trade contacts should we happen upon some peaceful creatures. With reports of activity in an old Dwarven temple that previously housed a Dragon we had vanquished we decided to start there and loop around through the tunnels avoiding further contact with Ravens Deep in case we are being followed or watched so as not to give away it’s position.

Sure enough when we reached that fateful chamber with it’s magical healing waters we found a male and two females inside a magical circle along with what remained of the dragon seemingly sowed back together. We confronted those people with regards to their actions to find they were followers of Gargauth and where undertaking to bring back to life the dragon as per it’s request/will it had left with their cult in the event of it’s demise.

I guess our desire to prevent that showed for suddenly both Mok and Omega where thrown into the air towards the ceiling as one of them cast a spell reversing gravity in a small section they stood upon. With that, we sprang to action but it seemed nothing we did could get through the circle they stood inside that is until Omega managed to appear inside by drinking a potion. A series of blade barriers cast by Clearice and in conjunction with Morrin working on destroying the circle itself we managed to break inside and punish the 2 females for we had seen Omega get stunned and then fall to the ground. The male however managed to escape with a word of power teleporting him to where ever he came from we figured.

We found upon their bodies an evil book of magic that we deemed best to see destroyed, for who knows what enchantments are inside, but knowing the cultist religion and their obvious purpose being there to raise the dragon I would imagine it has to do with necromancy. After burning the dragons body to dust we then placed the ash remains inside a pouch and intend to see it never falls into any evil necromancers hands. With that we left the chamber and upon reaching a rest spot recovered from the ordeal.

A day later we headed down an unexplored tunnel and found a river of lava. The heat was intense but we crossed without to much difficulty only to shortly after find a main source of it in the form of a large cavern with a lake of the stuff with a river on both ends one feeding and one exiting. The heat here was extreme but thanks to some magical protection, we could manage for a time. We saw across the lake on the far side of the cavern what appeared to be a fort with some fire giants.

Diplomacy failed for these Giants are cruel creatures who delight in torture as was obvious the moment we saw them throw a human over the walls with a spear through him attached to a chain. Now I wait for the signal to help storm its walls so I must go my daughter.



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