Ravens Bluff, The Living City

Friend Or Foe! - Part 2

Player’s Present: Mok, Pimfire Tyndal, Omega, Clearice, Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe
Player’s Late: Xavier Cross (was known would be)
NPC’s: Svirfneblin, Captain Farspel Kappelcourt, Sturliewan Mastacalatl, and Gwinisturoc Lafftalligon, Lillylottar Aristcutti, Lady Jenna, Ronasucha
Run By: Andy
Submitted By: Pimfire

My Darling Amuka,

After our recent encounter with a worm down here in the belly of the earth it was with great pleasure that a full day past with nothing of significance to report. Sadly on Day 7 we were informed there was a race of Bat like creatures called Bainligor whose leaders wish to turn into undead creatures that may be nesting nearby in an abandoned temple to some evil god the gnomes were not clear on which god that is however. Upon Day 8 we reached the point where we could investigate and did so as keeping this trail clear of threats would be important to future trade caravans between our two cities.

Upon entering this evil temple, we noticed a couple of statues dedicated to evil gods one of which was obviously Gilgeam. We swiftly encountered resistance by a few large Bainligor whose screech is quite painful. After making quick work of them we pressed onwards as Mok tossed fireballs into rooms destroying young, adults and old Bainligor alike as none of us had any desire to deal with several at once especially with those screeches.

Once we reached near the inner sanctum of this temple we entered a very large chamber with rows of pillars only to find chained up svirfneblin and drow alike amongst several undead Bainligor. After a well-placed fireball by Mok, they rushed at Dalarn and Omega and with a single touch one of them nearly slew Dalarn and raising him into a zombie like state but Clearice was able to reach him in time and reverse its effects. It was at this point that Clearice took Omega closer the largest of our foes leaving me exposed and I was forced to retreat to safety to heal up. By the time I managed to catch up to the rest of the group they had finished that group and pressed forward to encounter the leader of the Bainligor and defeat him as Clearice used a crystal beholder figure from our first foray into the Underdark when we fought the deep dragon. I am told it was a sight to behold! Sorry could not resist.

Once I caught up to them they had freed a drow prisoner who ran back to the others while we dealt with a portal leading to the negative plane of energy that was opened. After consulting with Lady Jenna and retrieving Xavier who had stayed behind with the gnomes while we explored this temple, we decided the only way to close it was to use our own life forces and touch it at the same time. I know it was risky and stupid darling but some things are worth the risk and a portal to that plane is something that if left unchecked could have brought ruin upon the entire prime material plane.

It was a strange experience as I touched it along with the others a voice rang in my head “Life or Health” and not wishing to give up my life I choose Health as did Omega, Clearice and Mok while apparently Dalarn and Xavier choose Life. Then I remember only darkness and waking up somehow more learnt in the ways of the world while others like Mok told me they felt like they had lost a part of their life’s journey.

Nearby to us in the center of the room where a series of magical items as a voice thanked us for performing such an act of heroism. As we attempted to figure out whom should get what a secret door opened and several mummies and a shade like creature surrounded us. With quickly well placed shot Xavier destroyed the shade and the mummies collapsed as the Shade turned out to be the leader and had bound the mummies to him.

We rush back to see about the prisoners only to find them gone as the drow they freed from the leader stood there holding a dark orb/ball one of the Bainligor had carried. She told us her name was Ronasucha we found out as Xavier attempted to ask her on a date Mok interceded angry to know why she was still here. Turns out she was curious as to why anyone such as us would free her and eventually hands us the orb and leaves.

Upon investigating the secret passage from whence the mummies came we discovered a massive treasure hoard enough to build a small kingdom! Upon inspection however it’s revealed to be cursed. After much debate from the others over have best to deal with this I pray to Waukeen for her assistance to repay a debt she owed. She removed the curse! For money should be spent and never hoarded away so no one can spend it.

With that we have spent the past several hours packing away the treasure and I must go for the others are nearly ready to leave.


Third level pearl of power

Ball of Power – orb a 4-inch diameter ball in the right hand and activated with the command word “there be hill giants” you can the strength of one for 10 rounds once per week. (work in one week)

Crown of Darkness – mummy priest – It confirms immunity to fear, petrification, paralization, cannot be hurt by death touch of liches and +4 circumstances bonuses from any undead IF saving throw is allowed. Once per week the wearer can disrupt undead. Gains 90ft Darkvision. Knows undead for what they are.

Rewards on the ground after we wake up from destroying the portal

Tunic of Careful Casting – Pimfire
Belt of Physical Perfection +2 – Omega
Deathwatch Eyes – Clearice
Merciful Vambraces – Xavier
Cap of the Free Thinker – Mok

Result of touching the portal

Health – Omega, Pimfire, Clearice, Mok – LOSE 1 Con Point
Life – Dalarn, Xavier – - LOSE 20,000 XP

Our Life has now intertwined all XP is added up and divided amongst those here. Our new XP is set at 375,000 XP.

Friend Or Foe! - Part 1

Player’s Present: Mok, Pimfire Tyndal, Xavier Cross, Omega, Clearice, Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe
NPC’s: Svirfneblin, Lord Blacktree, Captain Farspel Kappelcourt, Sturliewan Mastacalatl, and Gwinisturoc Lafftalligon, Lillylottar Aristcutti, Lady Jenna
Run By: Andy
Discussion: Players who wished to learn Undercommon have as it’s been 3 months of being taught by Mok in game
Submitted By: Pimfire

Dearest Amuka,

Finally! Something I can really sink my teeth into down here in the Underdark. Lord Blacktree asked us to escort Lady Jenna while traveling with a group of Svirfneblin back to their city, Jacinth, on a diplomatic mission to negotiate terms for food supplies such as rothe and make allies both of which are in short supply down here.

The Svirfneblin are very interesting, Mok has been engaging them in conversation throughout the first couple of days both to help Lady Jenna gather intel for her diplomatic mission and just because learning is cool for the sake of it! Hope your studies have been keeping you busy.

Let me tell you a bit about our Svirfneblin companions. First, there is Captain Farspel Kappelcourt he is the Svirfneblin leader on this mission, he has warned us about some of the denizens we may encounter down here aside from Drow. One such creature is the Purple Worm, reportedly a very large worm like creature that eats solid rock creating massive tunnels and can swallow a person whole.

Then there is Sturliewan Mastacalatl, he is the scout of the group often charting our path through the tunnels. Xavier and Sturli have struck up a friendship after Xavier asked Lady Jenna out and was rejected, much to everyone’s amusement. Xavier introduced him to chocolate and honey among some other foodstuffs and he seemed to really like both which bode well for Lady Jenna’s diplomatic mission if we can offer a large steady supply of both to the Svirfneblin who have never had either down here in the dark. There is also a Svirfneblin named Gwinisturoc Lafftalligon who is a priest of Callarduran Smoothhands, one of their Gods.

I have learned as well that they have a unique style of entertainment where they tell stories through a combination of oratory and dancing. This is something I hope to learn more about when we reach their city. Imagine how famous I will become if I can bring back such a unique style of entertainment complete with dozens of new stories and tales to entertain the crowds around Raven’s Bluff.

However, our journey so far has not been all pleasant jokes and sharing of culture. Just 4 days on our journey to Jacinth our scout Sturliewan did not return at the usual time. Captain Farspel sent out the rest to scout and the report that came back revealed Sturliewan was taken capture by some creature. The tracks we followed led us to an underground lake that was uncommonly cold, there was chunks of ice floating around complete with penguins and a waterfall. As we saw, the tracks lead straight into the lake. Suddenly a dozen or so ice troll heads appeared in the water as they came out of the water and attacked us. Luckily, Mok had prepared a bunch of fire spells and quickly blasted the bulk of them while the rest of us finished off a couple of others but not without killing a few of the penguins. Startled the rest of the penguins fled to the far side of the lake squawking in terror.

Just as we thought we had everything under control, a white worm came crashing down on top of us from the ledge overhead! I managed to teleport myself out from under its bulk only to watch in horror as it devoured Clearice whole! I remember hearing someone screaming at Mok blaming him for summoning the penguin’s god and bringing the wrath of this white worm down upon us all. As we tried to fight the worm off a bulge appeared in its stomach moments after it swallowed Clearice, then it heaved its massive self-upwards and thrust its head down to swallow Dalarn. Moments later blades appeared through its neck and upper body as Clearice had created enough space to cast a blade barrier on it by using a token Anchor to prevent suffocation. There was chunks of it flying all over the place and when it stopped, there was Clearice majestic standing on the anchor and clutching a much shaken Dalarn covered in gore. After we all took a quick rinse in the lake we saw Sturliewan tied up on a ledge on the far side of the lake and Lady Jenna rescued him while Mok went down into the lake seeking the fabled riches that dragons and worms covet and hoard.

Behind the waterfall, Mok found a tunnel leading to its lair and some strange ice statues, which with the help of Lady Jenna we have taken with us. However, not before we destroyed one in the semblance of a Troll trying to see if they were once living creatures by breaking the ice off them. Mok and Lady Jenna believe these statues somehow create a colder environment around them. After some testing, it seems so. Sadly, this means the habitat for those penguins will steadily get warmer and eventually they will leave the Underdark or die from the heat. Nevertheless, for those in Raven’s Deep these statues could provide cold storage for foodstuff. Also amongst the statues, we find a set of prayer beads that used to belong to Callarduran Smoothhands himself! Without any hesitation, we hand them over to a very grateful Gwinisturoc Lafftalligon who cannot believe his good fortune and blessing from his god for finding them.

We continued to press onwards and on the next day (Day 5) of our journey Sturliewan, who recovered from his capture and treatment, came back from scouting to report movement of a large force up ahead. Captain Farspel orders us to stay here as he eventually moves forward with his Svirfneblin companions to see what is going on. After much waiting Mok decides to also see what’s going on to make sure the Svirfneblin are okay and with the combination of flight and invisibility silently glides through the Underdark. After several minutes, we hear his voice as he has returned to inform Lady Jenna and us that the Svirfneblin are sitting still watching a group of Myconids fight against some Spriggans.

With that, a very angry Lady Jenna leaps into action storming off to the Svirfneblin. We all follow. Once we catch up, we hear Lady Jenna berating the Svirfneblin for how they treat potential allies and immediately joins the fight against the Spriggans. With our help, we manage to save several of the Myconids who are grateful for our aid and while sad over the loss of their friends, they apparently regard death as a form of rebirth as their bodies provide nourishment to the caves down here creating growth. The Myconids give Clearice two clay jars, which hold some sort of healing salve or ointment, as a form of thanks for our help.

We continue onwards in the morning, I can only hope this recent encounter has not set back all our good deeds and will not impede Lady Jenna’s negotiations upon arrival at Jacinth.


- Necklace (40 beads – 5 of which magical – each worth 500g per bead) / prayer beads to Callarduran Smoothhands (the gnome gods) = Given to Gwinisturoc Lafftalligon

- 2 Clay jars of some sort of healing from Myconids = Given to Clearice

A Necessary Evil

Players present: Veth (Sean), Michaela (T), HK-58 (Robert), Zimb (Matt), Amuka (Scott)
Ran by (Joe)
NPC’s: Micah Starfire, Alysha, Snell Sneer, Boomboom, Corrina and Sasha
Scrawled by Vethihenich

Vethihenich Pothoc The Unluck Dragon – Entry 1 How I lost a Princess.

After hearing about how angry I got Master Zimb, said I should start journaling our adventures to help me work through my “issues”. Today started off as a good day, I served Master well as we went shopping and then eventually met up with the other guild mates. I was following behind Master when a dirty young human ran up to him and handed him a scroll case. Master pulled out the parchment from within and read the letter aloud while the young human stood with his hand out expectedly.

Brave adventurer,
The City is once again in a dire situation and is in need of your services. Please come to my private home at eight bells tomorrow morning. My home is located on Divine road, in the Uptown section of the City. Breakfast will be waiting. This is a private matter, so please do not tell anyone of my invitation.
Micah Starfire

The paper then crumbled into dust and then turned into a butterfly and flew off. (I mean it is an okay spell, but seriously? I hate these upper crust mages.) Master gave the dirty young human a bar of soap who then looked down at it confused. Master then said just joking and gave the boy a silver who then ran off. The boy was right, one bar of soap would not do the trick and recognizing this Master gave him the money to get a proper amount. We all then went home for the night.

In the morning we all got back together and for the first time I notice that Michaela is different. (Is she blind now?? I have one little bout of snout fever and everything changes.) When we get to the estate a statue greets us and instructs us to go and Knock once on the door and not to walk on the grass. (Seriously pretentious much?). We walk up to the door and Primus the Trashcan knocks once. Almost in an instance the door opens and we are greeted by Christiana a Female Elven servant who leads us to the dining table that is preset up with a large breakfast for everyone. Micah greets us with his title (Micah Starfire, retired Dean of Divination, high ranking member of the Wizards guild) and tells us we will conduct business after we eat the meals prepared by his cook. (Primus was served oil, I always wondered what he ate.) So after we ate Micah begins by telling us about a letter that appeared on his door step last night.

It is I, Snell Sneer, your former apprentice. I have grave news. The Brotherhood of the Cloak of Mulmaster has infiltrated Ravens Bluff’s most vital bodies of government with assassins. They are protected by powerful magic that no divination spell can detect. Your pathetic city is doomed.
I, with the right price, may be able to help. As you know, I am a member, well, former member of the brotherhood of the Cloak. I was able to obtain information about the powerful magic masking the assassins. I barely escaped Mulmaster with my life. I am hiding out in a village called Halfway, North of Raven’s Bluff. I fear traveling any further knowing Mulmaster’s elite agents, the Hawks, are searching the valley for me. The assassins’ attack will happen tomorrow at midnight. They are well prepares and have researched those that they are mimicking. Questioning people will be useless.
I expect to be compensated handsomely for the information. I want you to guarantee me a total pardon from both the Mayor and Magistrate for all my past crimes. I will wait here at Halfway Village for the arrival of your agents. Hurry, for the life of you city depends on mine.
Snell Sneer.

(Okay before I recount anymore of the events of the day I feel it is my duty to say that Micah is a pretentious fool. He got a letter yesterday saying that the city is in danger of attack tonight and instead of calling us to his manor immediately. He has us come in the morning so he could display his wealth and resources by having his cook make this lavish breakfast. Seriously!)

The group began asking questions and getting filled in on the details. I honestly missed most of what was said after Thay was mentioned and I hid under Zimbs chair. (I am still working on somethings.) I did over hear that Micah took Snell in as an orphan and taught him magic. To which Snell plotted to kill Micah and take his stuff. (Yep, Thay!). So then Micah tells us that he wants us to bring Snell back unscathed and not to use any mind effecting magic on him either as to not have him forget anything (Smart). Then he gives us a letter to prove the pardon for Snell and tells us to let him know that he is willing to take Snell back as an apprentice (Fool!). He also describes Snell to us, he has yellow hair, bulging green eyes, and a distinct scar across his left cheek.

Oh and of course we are on a time crunch and have to get this done before midnight. (Again why did he wait?!?!?!?) So he gives us a map of the region around Halfway village, and tell us he will teleport us there. He then cautions us not to use transportation magic anywhere in the region as it was scared during the times of trouble and it has a slight wild magic effect. Our way back will be a shrine that is supposed to have a gate that might get us home to Raven Shire. We go to another room where Micah has a magic circle and we step into it and….
We appear in a standing stone circle, the stones have the symbol of Shaundakul on them, and there is a muddy trail that head off from here hopefully to Halfway. There is also a constant light drizzle and some very high winds that are playing with my wings threatening to drag me off into the air. After hours of traveling in the mud (I liked it, the moister and mud felt great on my scales) we reached the out skirts of Halfway. The wind was at our backs so we did not smell the sight that greeted us earlier. The village of Halfway was destroyed and burned. As we entered town corpses were strewn all about with all manors of damage and states on them. It was obvious magic played a big role.

We look deeper into the village and the carnage just gets worse. All the sudden a little girl come bursting out of a building ahead of us, her dress catches on a nail and sends her face first into the ground. The building lets out a creak and shudders, obviously getting ready to collapse. With no time to even think Amuka and Primus rush forward to throw their bodies over the girls while be and Master launch spells. My ice ball slams into a chunk of the building deflecting it away as Master’s pit opens up under the side of the building to redirect the direction of collapse. Unfortunately the building still collapsed partially on our companions. Michaela grunted and grimaced as debris slammed into Primus and Amuka, commenting that we are real brave when it is not your health at risk. The little girls was thankfully unharmed, and emerged from our friends huddle crying.

I rush over to my companion’s side to see Primus heal the little girl while Amuka tries to talk with her. She says her name is Alysha. She relays her story that the city was attacked by a man in purple robes and a woman in red with no hair and tattoos on her head. (Great a Thayian Wizard) With them was a great ball with a central great eye and all the tentacles with eyes on its head, she told us with her little fingers in a fan shape on her head wiggling them. Despite the horror that she was referring to a beholder it was cute. The girl taking notice of me ran up and embraced me in a great big hug, asking me if I was indeed a dragon. I tell her that I am indeed a dragon and call her a Princess and she does not let go of me. They ask her about Snell and she says she had seen him but did not know where he was.

With Princess Aylsha in toe we go and explore the rest of the town, I focus my attention on my new best friend. I try to keep her distracted from all of the additional death everywhere around us. Eventually primus says that he has found what he believes to be giant tracks, and after some debate the group agrees to follow them. We walk for hours, I play games with the Princess along the way. Our travels were cut short when a boulder slams into the ground ahead of us, obviously thrown by something huge and obviously a warning. A loud voice demanded to know who we are and what we were doing out there. We had found ourselves surrounded by 8 Giants with grey skin. I heard some back and forth when I heard on of the giants say we were not friends as they did not know who we were, so I introduced myself. After me and this giant Grok became acquainted they told us where we could find the people responsible for attacking the village. Apparently the Giants were friends with the villagers and built their walls for them. (Oh and Giants use Cows for currency, who knew?) We asked for their help and after a moment of cowardly talk another Giant named Boomboom was voluntold to help us. The Giants recognize me as a dragon and Alysha told them I was her dragon, they could not have me. I ask Boomboom if I and the Princess can ride on his shoulder, to which he agreed to Alysha’s great delight. She tell me that this is the most amazing adventure and gave me a big hug telling me I am the greatest. (I think I love this little girl). I spend the ride playing more games with Princess Alysha, Boomboom joined in, Alysha loved it.
Boomboom led us to a valley where he says the enemies are lying in wait. We leave Boomboom and Princess Alysha behind and try to sneak ahead. As we snuck ahead lightning exploded all around us, hitting all of us except Michaela. A voice boomed in the distance and Boomboom hurled a boulder into the clearing ahead. The next thing was chaos, four half orcs appeared around us two ahead on two above. As Crossbow bolts ran down on us the man in purple a cleric of Cyric appeared ahead of use as did they Thayian woman. A fire ball exploded among us and almost dropped me, but I finally learned what Michaela’s new skills are as I slowly began to heal. Master attempted to do some magic and disappeared. I went full dragon on the enemy spitting acid balls as I worked my way to being in range of the Thay. Rage in my heart, and seeing red I pulled out a powerful scroll I found earlier and called forth its magic, a bolt of Acid slammed into the Thayian bitch striking her down. Shortly thereafter the battle was over and we stood victorious.

We searched the bodies and the area finding Snell tied up, upside down to a tree (I wish we could have just left him there). Snell would not shut up criticizing us and calling us worthless, he was a real ungrateful prick. Disgusted and so I did not drown Snell in Acid I went back to Boomboom and the Princess. I thanked Boomboom for his hurling boulder expertise and protecting Princess Alysha, he told me to come back and see him again and went back home. The group caught back up to me and had Snell following apparently we were all heading to the shrine.

Along the way It took all of my strength not to kill Snell as he spoke more and more like a Red Wizard. Going on at length in great detail about torturing a Harper (I personally like Harp Music), taking credit for poisoning the well in Tantress, and other deeds. All of these things he said in front of Princess Alysha. I tried my best to keep her distracted. To top it off it is muddy and now raining, so he is also complaining about the traveling conditions and the weather. (I was secretly hoping for a lighting strike on him) As we grew closer to the shrine and had got back on a road or sorts we spotted a wagon ahead of us. Amuka snuck ahead and after seeing that Master was on the wagon berated him for being with other women (I did not know Amuka had such feelings for my Master). Master Introduced us to the two traveling companions (Corrina and Sasha, I will not forget you, my sworn enemies) he had met and was offering to take them with us to Ravens Bluff. They told us of a riddle at the Shrine but admitted to only knowing part of the solution.

As we drew close to the Shrine we were buffeted by strong winds and noticed another symbol of Shaundakul glowing on another raised stone. To make the day even more fun we also saw that there were two large Beholders in the sky trying to fight the winds to reach us and they would quickly be upon us, so we set to solving the riddle. The riddle was actually just to match cities with their appropriate taglines. (I didn’t realize there was going to be a test, and on world geography no less.)

Waterdeep- The City of Splender (a)
Mulmaster – The City of Danger (b)
Silverymoon – Gem of the North ©
Myth Drannor – City of Beauty (d)
Scoranbul – The Caravan City (e)
Westgate – Gateway to the West (f)
Tsurlagol – Gateway to the unapproachable East (g)
Raven’s Bluff – The Living City (h)
Baldur’s Gate – Halfway to everywhere (i)
Luskan – City of Sails (j)

With that we were all teleported to Raven’s Bluff as we named that our destination. (Snell unfortunately appeared in the some condition we teleported in) I tried to take Alysha with me as we left but instead the group decided that we should leave her with Corrina and Sasha. So I had to leave my Princess. We ran to Micah’s Manor to of course, as the security in this city seems to be almost nonexistent, find some evil guy Snell calls Nefarious instead of Micah. They said a bunch of things, Snell’s part of the Black Network, Manchune is his boss, and they are from the Zentarnum. They Kidnapped Micah wanted to trade for Snell and the magic spell, I did not believe Micah was still alive and said no so did others. Nefarious and his elite guard attacked us. Michaela apparently decided now was the time to share her vision impairment with us, and told me to abandon Amuka who we could all hear getting cut down outside of the fog she summoned. I used my Staff to summon a powerful Azata to our aide and we turn the battle back into our favor and crush Nefarious.

We rush to the wizard’s guild and they figure out a counter to the spell, find Micah dead with a poison dagger in his back (see I knew it), save the uppity ups, and to my delight imprison Snell. Micah is also outside of any magic’s capability to resurrect. As soon as they will let me I rushed back to retrieve the Princess only to find out that the two kidnappers had taken Princess Alysha out of the City to who knows where. I want to go hunt them down. I now have a new enemy, Red Wizards and those two.

Princess Alysha I will find you, I will save you.

Your dragon is coming.


Each Player Receives:
- 1,900 XP
- Contingency – Fly at 16 Level (Swift action to activate, one time use)

Each Player Receives the following ONLY if they don’t already have one or better:
Cloak of Resistance +1,
+1 Light or Medium Armor (CRB Only) or Bracers of Armoring +3
+1 Weapon (CRB Only)
+2 Primary Stat Item
Handy Haversack

Amuka : Cloak of resistance +1, Rapier +1, Headband of Int +2 (UMD), Bracers of Armor +3
HK-58: Cloak of Resistance +1, Breastplate +1, Hat of the Mechanum Cha +2, Handy Haversack.
Michaela: Cloak of Resistance +1, Headband of Alluring Charisma +2, Handy Haversack
Vethihenich: Cloak of Resistance +1, Dagger +1, Headband of Alluring Charisma +2, Haversack.
Zimb: Cloak of Resistance +1, Bracers of Armor +3, Headband Of Vast Intellect +2, Handy Haversack

Eye of the Raven

Player’s Present: Amuka, HK-58, Zimb, Michaela
NPC’s: : Ramsey Devillars, Revelmistress Rachel Arren, Kovos Dyrva owner of The Wyvern’s Nest, Drake Devillars the black knight, Green Bard, Bloody Fang, Sheenra “Shining Eyes”, Katelyn
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Amuka

Wow! My father always told me that the Devillars where the pillar of leadership and society here in Raven’s Bluff. So when a summons came one day to meet with Drake Devillars, the Black Knight himself, we couldn’t refuse. We meet up with him at the Wyvern’s Nest where he asked us to help save his brother Ramsey Devillars and his bride-to-be Revelmistress Rachel Arren who were kidnapped recently following a family celebration of their upcoming nuptials. The ransom is for some powerful magical items. It appears that a person calling himself or herself “The Green Bard” is behind all this and is working with a group called the Bloody Fang. They are an evil organization bent on world domination and for the past 100 years or more have been operating in Raven’s Bluff. It is rumored they are behind the planar creatures and evil artifacts that occasionally plague the city.

Drake hands us the ransom, directions to the drop off and gives us directions to save his brother and bride but if possible prevent the magic items from being taken by the Bloody Fang, as some are very powerful evil artifacts. As we go to leave the tavern I could not help but overhear a female singer mangle a song that I have heard my father sing before. Its then I realize that it is most likely code to meet up later at Horseshoe Falls and inform my friends. We head out and on the way meet up with the singer at the rendezvous who introduces herself as Sheenra a Harper Agent who is on the trail of trying to stop the Bloody Fang. She tells us a bit of history regarding the Harpers and the group, it involves the Fang’s ultimate goal to bring back a very powerful Lich known as the Harper King to destroy and enslave the world.

Sheenra knows of a place nearby village we can get more information. Once we arrive, we find death and destruction. While inspecting the corpses some of them rise up and begin to attack in a state of undeath. We finish them off to find a lone survivor, a little girl named Katelyn, she tells us that a bard wearing all green showed up the day before a bunch of undead creatures attacked the village. We burn the bodies and promise to return to Katelyn on our way back from the ransom drop.

After a hard days ride we finally reach the drop point, some trees circle an altar in the middle of a clearing. I climb up a tree to hide and await the opportunity for a surprise attack if the party needs. After a short period of waiting, a cloud of fog rolls in to the altar and stepping out is Ramsey Devillars complete with canine like fangs! Wolves howl in the distance. It is clear he is not kidnapped and reveals that he was trying to lure his brother Drake Devillars out of the city where he would be able to kill him. Ramsey mentions he has been turned into a vampire for months now and his family has had no clue! He is now working for the Bloody Fang.

We could not allow Ramsey to survive so we attacked; he quickly summoned a large group of bats to distract us as he went invisible. Using a magic pearl I recently acquired I managed to see through his invisibility and help direct my friends to his location. We slew the bats and hurt Ramsey until he had to flee as mist back to his coffin.

We returned to Raven’s Bluff and the Devillars estate to inform them of what has befallen Ramsey. There Drake Devillars tells us he is most likely hiding in the family crypt and gives us the key to enter and finish him off and hopefully find Revelmistress Rachel Arren. At the crypt we find a pile of skeletons and other undead who are quickly destroyed. Then searching the Sarcophagus HK finds Ramsey asleep and stakes his heart while Sheenra lops off his head. Searching the crypt we find Rachel in a nearby Sarcophagus and after a quick inspection to make sure she isn’t a vampire as well we awaken and return to the Devillars with our mission complete.


2600 XP each

1,000g each from Drake the Dark Knight

1 Chiv point for each Knight or Squire this game
1 Harper Recognition point each

1 Blessing from temple of Lliira (can be used for a service at 16 lvl)
- Remove Blindness
- Remove Disease
- Remove Curse
- Transmute Stone to Flesh

Globe of Cirulon (10 charges) = Amuka’s Handy Sack – an extremely fragile crystal sphere embedded with chips of gold, copper, silver, brass, and bronze.
Once per day can cast Heal at 12th level for 1 charge.
User does NOT need to be a divine caster to use this item.

Ring of Life Protection (6 charges) = HK-58
This ring will negate the effects of 6 levels worth of level drain and then crumble to dust.

Goggles of Night = Zimb

Potion of Invisibility/Freedom of Movement = Michaela
2 doses, duration 10 minutes each, cannot be split up

Handy Haversack = Amuka

Anduri's Wandering Conundrum

Players present:Sean(Veth) Michaela(T) HK-58(Robert) Zimb(Matt) Amuka(Scott)
NPC’s: Anduri, Perniphus Conjurer
Ran by (Joe)
Written by HK-58

We were interrupted at breakfast time by an invitation to appear before a man named Anduri at the docks. Of course, we agree to the invitation and head towards what will surely be our coming demise. As we near the docks of the Ravens’s Bluff a ship comes gliding into the port where we were told to meet this Anduri. The side of the ship read as Perniphus Conjurer. With no visible crew from the docks, we head up the gangplank that seemed to have lowered itself to meet us. Upon the deck, we found it devoid of life and found nothing else but a lever and building. Upon entering the building we found ourselves in some sort of extra-dimensional room. It was littered with curios of all sorts and a log book with a group of names. We see on a table in the room that we are to sign the log book to begin our game. Upon the chairs, in the room, i find a rule card that says our only rule is that we cant break anything in the room and may kill our opponents. As other investigate the other anomalies in the room I approach a rather large barrel full of water in the far corner of the room. I notice that down inside of it is a tiny figurine and I proceed to dive int to retrieve it. Of course, this was not a very good idea as it turned out the water was alive and attempted to drown me. This had no effect on me but had nearly succeeded and killed that adelcove who tried to rescue a creature who needs not breathe air. I escape the water with the figurine as the adlecove escaped as well. We place the figurine on a nearby miniature ivory throne to which the throne turns 45 degrees.

Next, we turned our attention towards the large mounted fish on the wall with a clock embedded inside of it. On this fish, there was a switch with a sun and moon with the sun currently on. We switch it over to the moon causing a panel on the ceiling to shift revealing sparkling pearls on the ceiling in the pattern of the stars of the Fire Coast. After this discovery we turn to the next challenge a simple game board with pieces that looked like my group and I. Of course, this might not have been our next choice had one of our party not put there piece on the board and disappeared. The game was known as the trials of the deep. It consisted of trials that tested all of our abilities to which I conquered. As I entered a large golden doorway I saw only blackness. Then I found myself before a very old ringwalker who thought I was his servant. For some reason, at my questioning of his existence, he seemed to keel over and die but not before telling me he was Perniphus conjurer. I then was back in front of my party with the old man still dead. We realized he shared the name of the ship and was also the first person in the log book and sat him down on the chair in the room with the initials PC. Upon sitting him there an obsidian skull on the nearby bookshelf opened its mouth to reveal a ring of nine keys that opened up the door that we had came in from. This was only a small victory as we realized we were actually inside of the ship in the bottle that rested atop the bookshelf with the skull and the blue-skinned meatbags that had been on the display ship challenged us to combat. After a quick battle, we deduce that we must steer the ship based off of the stars above us as if heading to points on the Fire Coast. After heading towards The Raven’s Bluff fails we decide to head towards Calaunt, the home of Perniphus as it said in the log book. As we align the ship a meteor comes crashing from the sky towards us. We quickly realize it is not a meteor but one of the pearls set in the ceiling above the model ship. We run inside to find the pearl on the ground and not knowing what to do with it the new small meatbag produces some talking clam that says this is someone specifics pearl to which the draconic one puts it in his mouth than in the mouth of the old ringwalker. After a moment of it being in his mouth, he springs back to life and explains what has been happening to us and why we are here. Something about him insulting some waterbag creature and that creature than trapping him here for others to come rescue him. As we exit the small building for the final time we are presented with gifts from we can only assume Anduri for completing his challenge with a message about not insulting waterbags. Thus we return once again to our day to day lives waiting for the next challenge to come our way and test our abilities.


3,375 xp

5 Pearls of the Marid (3 charges each)
Worth 1,000 gp (3,000 gp with all charges remaining)
Can cast the following spells at 26th level.
Each casting costs 1 charge

Pearl 1(Amuka) – Detect Evil, Detect Good, Detect Invisibility, Detect Magic
Pearl 2(Matt) – Invisibility, Liquid Form (as Gaseous Form), Polymorph Self
Pearl 3(Veth) – Purify Food and Drink, Gaseous Form, Water Breathing
Pearl 4(HK) – Lower Water, Part Water, Wall of Fog
Pearl 5(Michaela) – Water Breathing, Darkvision, Bull Strength

Staff of Conjuration (Veth)
13 charges, Cannot be recharged
This staff is made of walnut and bears ornate carvings of many different kinds of creatures. It allows use of the following spells:
Stinking cloud (1 charge)
Summon swarm (1 charge)
Unseen servant (1 charge)
Cloudkill (2 charges)
Minor creation (2 charges)
Summon monster VI (3 charges)

Wizard Conjuration Spells
Sorcerer’s may choose 1 to add to known spells.
Doesn’t count against Total Spells Known.
Acid Arrow
Conjure Carriage
Minor Creation
Acidic Spray(Veth)

To Hell In A Handbasket

Player’s Present: Mok, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Xavier Cross, Omega, Clearice, Dalarn mac Conloch Runeaxe
NPC’s: Regina Picklelow, Snell Sneer
Run By: Andy & Joe
Submitted By: Pimfire

Brief Note: Andy started this game on Dec 19th, 2017 but due to time was forced to finish on Jan 25th 2018 where Joe took over to DM for the final session. Morrin was present for the first half in Dec 19th but decided after New Years he needed to take a break due to life/work/time.

Dear Journal,

I find myself weary, nervous and exhausted from stress and worry. My journeys with the Midnight Menagerie have taken me to the celestial heavens and down into the literal hells but most of all they have brought me my daughter Amuka who has been a shining star that lights my way home after each adventure. Now I find she has run off with our junior group of explorers gallivanting all over town and getting into fights. What is a parent to do? I worry for her safety but I know she will not be a child forever.

I know that as a parent who is often absent out adventuring myself I have not exactly been the perfect role model for her yet I can’t help but be both proud of her daring do attitude and worried for her safety all at the same time. It does not help now that Xavier has grown younger! And tells me he is attracted to Amuka, I think he does this simply to get under my skin but if he does have intentions on my daughter he’d best watch himself. Wait can it be I’ve forgotten to tell the tale of how Xavier became a teenager again? Oh dearie me. Well I best put that story to paper.

It began like all others in the middle of the night a summons, off to a tavern this time the Sleepy Dwarf, where we meet with a member of the wizard guild named Regina Picklelow. She told us of a missing agent of theirs, held on the plane of Gahanna by agents turned evil named Snell Sneer who is reputed to be a powerful alchemist. Upon the plane of Gahanna is an army of fiends gathering to come through a portal that has appeared here in Raven’s Bluff. Our mission was to go through the portal and destroy it, recover the missing agent and stop Snell Sneer.

Just as we are about to leave some Duergoloths appear with their five arms and attack us in our tight quarters. Mok screams out they are poisonous, immune to poison and acid along with resistant to cold, fire and electrical attacks. We made short work of them and stepped through the portal.

We arrived on Mungoth (Gahanna) to falling acidic snow. Here divination spells only work if you stand in the dead entrails of a foe and elemental magic along and necromantic magic is more powerful, water based spells will not work here however. While most of us are entranced by the fiends found below fighting/training, I work to destroy the stockpile of weapons found nearby by dragging them one at a time to the portal and throwing them through. Meanwhile Dalarn realizes the portal is made of Ironwood and quickly sets to with an axe chopping the framework up destroying the gate and achieving one of our mission goals.

With the fiends, none the wiser for this act we move upwards on the mountainside until we reach a building. As we inspect the first floor we are teleported into what appears to be a garbage room when a wizard appears and threatens us, Dalarn threatens him back that he will stick an axe in his groin at which point the wizard disappears sticking some snake creatures upon us. We defeat them only to have a huge demonic hydra come through the walls spitting poison everywhere. A blade barrier from Clearice and some well-placed blows by Omega finish it quickly as the rest of the group rushes through the new entrance to a set of stairs out of all the poison I rummage through the garbage and hydra to find a scroll and a potion bottle.

We follow the stairs upwards into a room where the same wizard is torturing two humans, this wizard had a few henchmen and a demon. I had to flee the fight to regroup after blood was literally pulled from my body but came back to see/find that the wizard we fought was a homunculus and the real wizard was behind a fake wall. It was a tough fight but Dalarn fulfilled his promise as the wizard was bathed in a fire shield spell, blow after axe blow landed until Dalarn’s final blow to the wizard’s crotch dropped both him and the wizard. Clearice rushed over to heal Dalarn and put out the flames licking his body.

The missing agent was saved, we looted the wizard only to find a soul gem and a powerful staff, searching the rooms we find a alchemy lab. There unknowingly I concocted a strange potion that looked a lot like chocolate only to have that chocoholic loving Xavier grab it and drink it. As we, all watched in amazement as his facial, hair receded and his build shrink a bit. Turns out it, was some sort of longevity potion and made Xavier 10 years younger. So now, he has to go through puberty again. Clearice mixed up a quick concoction herself before Mok used a device to return us back to Raven’s bluff where the soul gem of the wizard was destroyed and we were thanked for our services.


Potion of Climbing (4 doses) – Treasury
+10 for 1 hour per dose

Sword of Gehenna (Forged in Gehenna) – Treasury
+3 on Outer Planes
+2 on Astral Plane
+1 on the Prime
+0 on the Ethereal

Potion of Extra Healing – OMEGA got

Priest Scroll (12th Level) – XAVIER got
with Cure Critical, Cure Serious, Prayer

Ring of Protection +3 (Forged in Gehenna) – DALARN got
+3 on Outer Planes
+2 on Astral Plane
+1 on the Prime
+0 on the Ethereal

Gehenna Staff of Rapid Magery (2 charges) – MOK got
+1 staff on the outer planes. Using a charge makes a spell cast at the very beginning of a round. The staff crumbles to dust when no charges remain.

Bracers of Armoring +6 (Prime) – MOK got / traded his Bracers +5 into the treasury that he was wearing

Essence of Moon shadow (1 dose) – MOK got
Maximizes all arcane spells
Doubles duration of all arcane spells with a duration
allows its drinker to detect magic
lasts 6 minutes

Ring of the Eye – CLEARICE got
casts Prying Eye at 12th level 1/day

5 × 1,000gp gems EACH (We took 5000 gold from treasury each in exchange for the gems which went to Treasury)

15,000 XP each for this adventure

Another Serious Matter
LC4- 119-2

Player’s Present: Mok, Morrin Telemnar, Pimfire Tyndal, Xavier Cross, Omega, Clearice
NPC’s: Asphometh, Lamaunia, Lord High Jackal High Priest of Set, The Seeker
Run By: Andy
Player’s Missing: Dalarn
Submitted By: Pimfire

Dear Journal,

It has been a long time since my last entry. I can only blame myself for being busy with patrolling the Underdark on behalf of Raven’s Deep and spending what free time I had with my daughter Amuka. Since her capture/rescue from the Triad’s she has begged to learn how to defend herself and has spent countless hours in study of the wizardly arts along with learning how to handle a dagger from Grink. I fear where this may lead her but I find I do not have the heart to stop her education, as I know no matter how much I may wish it I will not always be around to protect her. Especially since duty has been calling me away to various planes of existence and I never know if I will make it back home. Sigh. I wonder if this is how all parents feel towards their children.

Case in point us senior members of the menagerie were recently ushered to the wizard’s guild and to the tower of Prophecy. There a robed wizard was working on some strange formula that Omega tried to explain was wrong due to the use of letters in his mathematics. After we attempted to explain algebra to Omega the wizard told us that today was a “special” day in the universe and wanted us to travel to the Astral Plane to trade a box for another box to somebody called “the Seeker”. He mentioned someone who used to be called “Asphometh” is trying to become a God on the Astral Plane and we were to avoid him at all costs and not to wake the dead god Moander up. How you could do that, I will never know or care to know and hope no one knows.

Given some rubies and told that we could use them to return to our plane of existence and not to let them fall into anyone else hands we were whisked away to find ourselves floating in the Astral Plane. Since many of us had been here before it was moments before we had adjusted our way of thinking to move and speak and we set out to find this “Seeker”. Along the way we encountered some guards but an amulet we were given gave us safe passage and we made the trade safely. This “Seeker” was using some cosmic machine trying to catalogue its various effects and many of the menagerie offered themselves as Guinea pigs. Omega and Morrin did not seem to do anything untoward other then a stiff breeze for Omega. Mok gained the ability to calculate the value of an item at a glance, Clearice tried to take up acting (as if!) while Xavier ended up with a temporary tattoo, which faded. I refused to risk it as someone was bound to draw a short straw and end up being turned into a puddle of goo or some monstrous creature. With that, we left the structure and headed back towards our entrance on the Astral Plane.

We should have known it would not be that easy. As we exited the structure several Githyanki attacked us, after a brief struggle I attempted to use my ruby to return home only to creature some magical wave that gripped all of us and shunted us off into another plane of existence. Turns out it was Avernus, the first plane of Hell!

As we gathered our bearings an Angelic creature calling herself Lamaunia appears. She claimed to be the servant of a powerful merchant/wizard named Beliakas back in Raven’s Bluff offers to help us if we’d sign a contract promising a favor for this wizard. After Morrin and Xavier agree to sign the contract she offers us information on how to get our rubies back and return home. She explains we are on Mount Hellspeak overlooking the field of Megiddo where hordes of demons fight tanari in a never ending battle. Our rubies are in the Pit of Pestilence on the other side of the mountain. Which meant up and over a mountain and down into a dark pit of disease before we could return home.

Along the way something crazy happened to Mok and he tried to convince us to attack a group of wounded blue dragons we saw land upon the mountain. I figure kick em’ while they are down is a sound strategy but after a few moments he comes to his senses and we decide to avoid killing dragons here and pissing of Tiamat who Mok remembers resides in Hell somewhere.

We eventually reach the pit which has several dead bodies inside its first main chamber. After Clearice communes with one of the corpses it’s found out that they served Tiamat and where supposed to guard the pit. Something about a Balor attack and Batezu guarding the pit. He also tells us about a stash of coins he buried while alive but it’s too far away to risk the trek so we press onwards into the pit.

Eventually traveling through the smoky pit we encounter some Vrocks, Giant Bugs, Goristro and a Glabrezu. Omega managed to finish off a Goristro and saved the day when he charged back into the main fray after almost everyone had fallen from various wounds.

As we near a chamber there is an awful stench. Finally we find what we surmise to the be “the Pit of Pestilence” for in the middle of the chamber is a huge pit and we all start to feel nauseous and sick. Xavier manages to keep us steady and healthy as we examine some side tunnel before heading through a passage directly opposite we came in. After a while we all get the impression to turn back as it seems this tunnel I wished to explore first is leading nowhere but Mok confirms this is the right way and we continue onwards to find ourselves at the entrance to a temple chamber. Inside is a large statue of GRINK!

Inside a bunch of priests and warriors scream out “Infidels!” and attack us. Before I know what is going on Omega charged into the room screaming we should stop fighting! As I pass the doorway pain wracks my body and blood oozes out my nose. A demon slams into me as I sit atop Omega and I fall off him into unconsciousness. I wake up as healing magic floods into my body and the battle is raging. Omega is rushing around pleading for people to stop the violence. Seeing me he picks me up and brings me deeper into the room to hide behind the statue. It’s there the Lord High Jackal, The High Priest of Set (we found out his title later when we made it home) attempted to severe my soul and bind it to Hell for all eternity. I manage to resist but felt cold’s deathly touch none-the-less as blackness once more claimed me.

I awoke to find my friends gathered round and us back on the material plane in the wizard tower of Prophecy. There we returned the recovered rubies, the box we traded for and received our reward and thanks.


- Boon of the Wizard Guild = everyone got this
They will cast Stone to Flesh or Dispel magic (lvl 15) once

- Dose of Regular Rosy Extract = everyone got one
magical oil once applied to an item gives it +1 bonus saving throws / +10 HP to the item saves being destroyed / risky as could destroy item in attempt to apply

- The Menagerie chipped in and paid for the recreation/restoration of Dolly (Mok did the work) for Omega

- One Dose of Regulus’s Dark Derivity = Omega used on Dolly
protects an item from being destroyed ONCE

- Greensteel Bastard Sword +1 = Temple of Lathander for tithe/destruction

- Greensteel Magic Ring +3 of Protection (1 on the prime) that is a spell key for elemental magic in Aberness = Mok was given

- Xavier was given a special boon of the wizard guild allowing a one time transfer of a magical enchantment from one suit of armor to another but has 6 months to use this by.

- A Cure Light Potion, a Cure Medium Potion, A Cure Serious Potion, a Cure Critical Potion, A Potion of Fly, a Potion of Levitation = Everyone got one, Merry Christmas!


Omega – Leopard skin cloak for heroic act of saving someone (me)
Mok, Morrin, Xavier – Golden Crest for thwarting a plot against raven’s bluff on a different plane of existence.

Total Eclipse

Players Present: Veth, Finn, Khad, Michaela, HK-58, Zimb
NPC’s: Kima Greyleaf, Jean-Dorial Encarthan, Lord Chester D’Marke, Harven, Bren, The Grey Machine (Zen Blacksteel, Amilia, Conner, Annalee, Marcus Deland)
Run By: Joe
Submitted By: Michaela

The Summer Solstice Festival had come back to Ravens Bluff and Michaela was enjoying the comradery and food that it brought with it. She was there with her friends: Veth, Khad, Trashcan, Zimb and the new friend they had met over the week, Finn. He seemed cool and easy to talk to and Michaela liked having a new friend.

While she was eating a bacon-wrapped apple bells started to ring, ‘dang it’ she thought, ‘we forgot about the wedding.’ The group hurried to the event and arrived in time to see Kima Greyleaf walking down the aisle toward Jean-Dorial Encarthan.

Kima wore a plunging, sweetheart neckline that was paired with a beaded, illusion high neckline to create a unique – and sparkling – statement. The unique, rich beading was layered to create shapes, and when added with the lattice detailing and scrolling lace, extended down through the bodice over the hips, shaping her body perfectly. The Bellagio crepe skirt of her gown was sleek and sophisticated and created an understated sheath silhouette. Low, sheer cutouts adorned each side of the gown before extending into an open back, complete with illusion tulle giving the illusion of floating, beaded straps. The back of the wedding dress zipped up beneath fabric buttons. To top it off she wore a diamond tiara on her head.

After tearing her eyes from the vision that was Kima, Michaela noticed that there were a lot of important people from Ravens Bluff attending the wedding. ‘The free food has nothing to do with that’ she thought to herself while smiling and the personal joke. Lord Chester D’Marke oversaw the wedding and it was a beautiful service.
After the clapping dies down and the newly married couple takes their places at the end of the buffet line, Michaela and the rest of the guest get in line for food and to wish the new couple well. While in line the older members of the Midnight Menagerie are there and the 2 groups converse while getting food and moving closer to the new couple.
Soon there are only 2 women in front of Michala and her friends and her plate is full, she is happy. As she steps up, with her friends, and began speaking with Jean-Dorial, the 2 women began speaking with Kima.

“Congratulations sir, it was a beautiful wedding,” Michaela said when she stepped up.

“Thank you,” Jean replied.

“Here you go, sir,” Veth said and handed Jean 5 Platinum.

“Thank you, kind Luck Dragon,” Jean says when he receives the gift. Veth starts to smile and walk around with pride from being called a Luck Dragon. The others give gifts and talk with Jean for a moment longer preparing to speak to Kima when there is a cry from Kima. They all look to her and see one of the women, both old, with her arm around Kima’s neck. As the onlookers see this, the woman begins to transform into a horrible looking monster.

Her companion warns Jean not to do anything so his bride stays safe. She pulls out a holy symbol of Shar, hisses at the crowd and then both women and Kima disappear. All hell breaks loose. The older members try to ascertain the situation while bystanders and normal members of society are frantic and began making noise ranging from whispers of fear to screams of disbelief.

Suddenly a loud and clear voice is heard above the chaos. It is Jean-Dorian. “Please, we must stay calm. This situation demands clear and calm minds. Those of the guests, who are not adventurers or military, please return to your home. When information is found out or new given, you will be informed.” He said with clear authority and then gave the bystanders and nonmilitary and adventuring guests time to evacuate the area. When they were gone he turned his attention to the remaining people.

“For the rest of you, I am going to need help in rescuing my wife, or recovering her dead body if it comes to that.” As the words left his mouth, for a brief moment, his demeanor cracked and all could see the vulnerable man beneath the bravery. Then he was back to his brave self. The military and adventuring groups began sectioning themselves off and assigning tasks to the groups. Veth went to Jean-Dorian and provided some information about the women who had done this.

Apparently, the woman had been purchasing property around town and when confronted said they were a follower of a god that was not Shar. They were also responsible for the Were-creature outbreak that had occurred in the Sewers. Jean-Dorian directs Veth to the city guard and the same information is conveyed to them. They thank him and the rest of the group for the information.

When the group arrived back at the staging area they saw that Lord Chester D’Marke was attempting some spells.
“For some reason, I am unable to locate Kima.” He said to Jean-Dorian. Jean’s face fell slightly, but for only a moment. Lord D’Marke continued. “I was able to ascertain some information with my Augury Spell, but it is not good.” He is about to convey the information when screams can be heard from onlookers. We turn to see what is happening and people are staring and pointing to the sky, we look up.

If the sun was a pie, it was missing slices, and more were starting to appear.
“Judging by the rate of disappearance we have about 2 hours before the sun is completely gone.” Lord D’Marke stated to the group around him. “We need to find Kima before the sun disappears or all is lost. Do we have volunteers to assist in the hunt?” All of the members of the Midnight Menagerie step up and volunteer.
Michaela and her friends are assigned 3 buildings near Lake Christina. They are to gather information and report back with anything suspicious. All of the teams are asked to come up with a codename so that information can be disseminated quickly; they name themselves The Unlucky Dragons. Before heading out Michaela takes some of the food from the buffet and loads it into their cart and then they head out.

They arrive at the first building. There it stood. Michaela had walked past it several times and she had never seen it. It shocked her, the idea that someone could have lived in this very building. The walls, so tall and never-ending, encircle them as if they were the victims of an ambush. They then noticed almost forcefully, the windows had curtains covering them. This didn’t seem to match the outside of the building.

The group watched as Khad ran to the building and jump kicked it for no apparent reason, but no one said anything. He then decides to go and talk to the neighbors to get information about the building, almost as if in frustration. As he walks off, Trashcan decides to open the front door and go in. The rest of the group followed Trashcan from room to room. During the search, Zimb found a book called Chemical Gardening that seemed to intrigue him and Veth.
During the search, the group finds and Alchemical Lab. While searching through the lab they find a letter:

Please use this property to store the weapons and other equipment that I ordered from you. I don’t expect to need the items until after the event, so make sure threat they are well protected, and will not rot or rust in the meantime.

Take Care,


After checking the house one more time, Zimb starts to pack up the Alchemical lab. Michaela starts packing the cart with what he packs up. The group finds a scroll with powerful spells, Veth takes them with Zimb’s permission. During the packing process, Michaela hears an explosion from inside the house. She finishes packing the last box and then rushes inside. Apparently, Veth and Trashcan were trying to open something and they triggered a trap, they seemed to be ok.

After everyone was done with the building the group packed up and proceeded to the next building. On the way there they came across the City Watch being attacked by Bug Bears. The group parked their horses and cart outside of the battle area and waded in to assist the watchmen. The fight was tough but ended with Khad kicked the last one in the groin and killed it. We were only able to save 4 of the 10 watchmen.

After talking with the watchmen and discovering that Bren might be the one responsible for the Bug Bears they preceded to the next building. As they searched this building, they discovered that it had a basement. The team separated into 2 units: 1. Finn, Michaela, and Khad stayed upstairs while 2. Zimb, Veth, and Trashcan went into the basement. Almost as soon as the 2nd group went downstairs Zimb yelled for the 1st group to come down quickly.
The 2nd group was being attacked by some strange looking dogs. They were attacking Trashcan and…eating his armor. Maybe more like melting it. the 1st and 2nd group combined and finished off the dogs without further injury, although Trashcan lost his armor in the fight. They search the room and find piles of rust, wooden shafts and crumbled barrels and boxes.

After searching the building thoroughly, they leave and proceed to the last one. On their way there they come across a mob of people outside of the Temple of Selune. They are accusing them for the disappearance of the sun and the calamities that will befall them. The group run and put themselves in between the mob and the Temple. They try different approaches to calm the crowd, some more effective than others.

Veth steps forward and promises the crowd that the Midnight Menagerie will save the city. With the promise coming from an established group that has done many good services for the city, the crowd disperses. The group tries to take a moment and catch their breath but then there is a loud noise coming from down the street. They look to see what the cause of the commotion is.

Coming down the street and toward the Temple are all sorts of beasts. They look frantic, panicked and a little hysterical. They are aiming toward the Temple and the group. From behind the group spilling out of the Temple is more beasts and at a closer examination, the group realizes they looked staggered. They begin collapsing in front of the temple as the others from down the street join the pile. Michaela and her friends go inside the Temple.
As they enter the temple they run into the lycanthrope bear they attacked a few weeks ago. This time they raise their hands in surrender and the bear doesn’t attack. They try to communicate with the bear but it can’t seem to transform out of its hybrid form and can only grunt out one word at a time through growls and snorts. It’s enough to figure out that the Lycanthropes are in trouble and something needs to be done.

The group proceeds to leave the temple and head to the 3rd building but as they are they see the pile of beasts and decide to take a moment and get them inside the temple where they can be protected. When they are finished they head to the 3rd and final building. When they arrive, the sun disappears.

Inside the building, voices can be heard, chanting. Khad rushes to a window as Trashcan charges the front door. Seeing that the door is open, Trashcan rushes inside, Fin and Michaela move to the door on one side and Khad on the other. Zimb is a few feet away and Veth steps to the open door. He pulls out the scroll from earlier, says some stuff while waiving his wings and tail and suddenly black tentacles burst from the ground.

The tentacles wrapped around the occupants of the room and before anyone could breathe and shattered their physical bodies. Their spell caster, a woman in the back, survived a little longer, but she eventually succumbed. As Veth saw the destruction he had caused he walked by the carnage, “Unlucky Dragon? PSSHH.”

After the spell is dispelled by Veth, we loot the bodies, but there is nothing really left except for amulets with the symbol of Shar on them. Floating in the middle of the room is an object that Michaela and her friends could only describe as a big dark jewel. They leave it alone and search the rest of the building. The only thing they find is in the basement. In the basement, they find a door that seems to be bursting with magic. So much power in the fact that the members of the group that can detect magic have to stop because it’s overwhelming.

The group spends time trying to break into or open the door and they can’t. Michaela goes upstairs and with her sword pushes the jewel down the stairs and near the door, still nothing. Eventually, it becomes clear that they have done all they can for now and Trashcan uses the conk he was given to summon the Grey Machine. Soon they arrive Zen Blacksteel – Elven Fighter, Amilia – Halfling Invoker, Conner – Dwarven Fighter/Priest of Muamman Duthanol, Annalee – Half-elf Priest/Wizard of Mystra, Marcus Deland – Human Swashbuckler/Wizard.

As they enter they congratulate the group on a job well done. They also inform them of a few details that have only been ascertained recently: 1. The Jewel we found is an orb of Shar and it is called the Lunar Orb. It has great summoning power over a large area. 2. They know someone is working with the followers of Shar. We were asked to escort the orb back to the others at Raven’s Park. We accept.

On their way back to the park, the orb explodes and a sentient whirlwind of flame burst forth and attacks the group. There is a fight and in the melee, Veth and Michaela are blinded. After the demon is vanquished, Veth and Michaela are loaded into the cart and brought to the park. There Amilia heals them all and the group reports to Jean about what happened.

End Results

1. The Grey Machine fought bravely.
2. Bren was captured alive and is awaiting trial.
3. Numerous hags, giants and other creatures were fought.
4. Harven escaped.



Bowl of Monster Summoning

To activate, the user must pour a vial of holy water in the 2 inch diameter bowl and meditate over the bowl for 1 round. Any monster summoning spell cast by the user on the following round summons monsters of the next highest category. (ie a monster summoning I spell would instead summon creatures normally called by a monster summoning II) Number of monsters summoned is determined by the initial spell. The bowl is usable once per adventure. The bowl is usable only by wizards and bards.

Ioun Stone (Pale Green Ellipsold)

This ioun stone absorbs spells o up to 4th level directed at the user. After absorbing 10 spell levels, it burns up, forever useless. It cannot be recharged. The spell levels cannot be used by the owner of the stone. Further, it only absorbs spells directed at the owner specifically; it does not absorb area of effect spells if the owner happens to be in the area of effect.

Wizard Scroll

This scroll contains the spells armor, Acid armor, monster summoning I and Black tentacles. They are written at the 11th level

Wooden Club +2
Short Sword +1

A week later gifts arrive for the members

Hk-58 – “Rakentaa”
This golden +1 heavy steel shield is impossibly light and handy despite its size. It has no armor check penalty or arcane spell failure chance, and it allows the wielder to use feather fall on himself once per day. A creature wearing celestial armor while wielding a celestial shield may command the armor to provide overland flight rather than fly once per day and can cast Daylight 3 times per day.

Michaela – “Fury”
This ancient greatsword +1 was once owned by the Frost Giant King Jarl. For many years he used it as an off-hand weapon. When wielded by a skilled warrior it grants one additional attack at -5 at the end of each round.

Vethihenich – “Jade Statuette of Zuur”
This beautifully intricate jade dragon statuette is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. When held all spells with the an acid descriptor are cast at 1 level higher and the holder gains 5 acid resistance. If the holder has acid resistance from another means their resistance is doubled instead.

Zimb – “Silver Star of Midnight”
This silver starburst amulet acts as a holy symbol to Mystra. When worn openly by a Mystrian wizard it confers a +2 Int bonus (Diplomacy) and ability to memorize 3 additional spell levels per day. Due to it’s direct tie to Mystra it confers a +10 reaction bonus to Mystrians and a -10 reaction bonus to Sharites.

Khad – “Illmater’s Obal”
These tattered hand wraps were recovered from Gradus the Sufferer after his sacrificial death during the Time of Troubles. In the hands of an Illmaterite they can remove the suffering of others but at a price. As a touch attack, damage to a willing target can be transferred to the wearer. The wearer can never transfer more damage then his current HP-1.

Where You Were - When Darkness Falls Part 3

Player’s Present: Veth, Atamar, Zimb, Michaela
NPC’s: Lord Dunstan Moray, Nastasja Moray
Ran by: Joe
Submitted By: Joe


Each player recieved 875gp and 50 pp
1 potion of cure light wounds – (Zimb)
Scarlet & Blue Sphere Ioun Stone (+1 to Int related checks) – (Zimb)


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